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Jan 4, 2010 08:16 AM

restaurant supply stores?

In search of inexpensive restaurant supply shops for plates, pans, and all cooking utensils in the DC metro area. Also, any Asian cooking supply stores? Trying to stay away from the major chains.

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  1. Have you tried restaurant depot?

    1. Numerous (!) post on here about this: Fortessa. Their only outlet in the world is in Sterling.

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        Thanks Joe, I found some of the old posts. I am new to the board so I appreciate the heads up!

      2. Superior Products (Next Day Gourmet) just off 395 at Edsall rd - unlike Restaurant Depot (which I also love) they don't require proof of being in business.

        Suite Q, 5701 General Washington Drive
        Alexandria, VA 22312
        Phone: (703) 333-5878

        1. I tend to go here:

          It's close to home and has some cool stuff.

          1. Best Supply, 413 Morse St, NE, among the warehouses in the Florida Avenue Market in DC.
            Close to the NY Ave. Metro Stop, only a mile or so from the US Capitol.
            Right down the block from A. Litteri's, Italian food shopping Heaven.
            Call Best Supply for hours. 202-544-2525

            They have the basics in everything, including equipment for Asian restaurants. Huge woks, skimmers, etc. Tableware, glasses, linens are basic, nothing foo-foo, but you can find some good stuff.
            Good selection of pots and pans, knives, storage containers, etc.
            There are bigger and fancier stores, but this is really convenient for basic stuff, especially if you're in DC.

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              I just went by Best Supply on my way to Litteri. Although I had shopped there in the past, there was a prominent, new sign on the door saying that a business license is required to shop there...

              1. re: DCFlyer

                I just went to best supply...the prices are cheap! But alot of the products have dings and scratches, I mean, right now im focused on functionality...

                But I bought a Chicago metallic loaf pan off Amazon and it came in PERFECT CONDITION...

                Also, I notice their bakeware doesnt have the rough finish chicago metallic or other retail brands may have, i wonder how that affects performance.