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Jan 4, 2010 08:06 AM

Best Chocolate Cake Place in HK

Looking to buy my buddy a chocolate cake for his bday this Saturday. I was looking at Awfully Chocolate & Sift but I'm also interested to hear what ideas you guys have. Preferably the place will be on HK Island. Thanks!

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  1. You can also try the Mandarin Cake shop. They have a very good selection of chocolate cakes as well and I have liked several that I have tried. I really like the Mozart cake of Island Shangri-la though it might not be chocolatey enough for you.

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      For your reference, these are my top 3 places to get really yummy dark rich chocolate cakes (not in order):
      Awfully Chocolate
      La Maison Du chocolat
      Debauve et Gallais

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        I'm just kind of curious pricing wise how do the 4 places compare? I've been to Awfully Chocolate before so I know their pricing (6" - $178 & 8" - $356) for their chocolate cake. I have a feeling La Maison Du chocolat and the Mandarin Cake Shop will probably be a tad pricier than Awfully Chocolate. Debauve eg Gallais I have no idea.

        My budget I would say is about $200-300 for my buddy's cake. Not looking for a big cake but enough to feed 6-10 a small slice.