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Jan 4, 2010 07:52 AM

Need a sure thing celebrity spotting restaurant

Ok, my sister & 15 yr. old niece are coming for a visit mid Feb. We possibly only have Monday night 2/15 to go to dinner (going to Palm Springs for weekend). Food is secondary (although it should be edible) to seeing someone famous. What is the #1 most frequented by movie stars restaurant? And we can't afford Cut. Bonus points if the star is someone under 50 that my niece would recognize.

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  1. You realize that is not possible (having a sure thing siting) I hope? All things considered you probably will have the best shot at a mid week late lunch at the Ivy on Roberston or dinner at Nobu in Malibu (although Winter time sitings are probably not as common as mid week summer nights).

    1. Early afternoon at Starbucks or Whole Foods in Manhattan Beach.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        seriously? I live in Redondo Beach--do you mean the WF in El Segundo? Never see anyone in the south bay.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          i'm a regular shopper at the whole foods in el segundo, and i've never seen a star there.
          maybe i'm not alert enough.
          gotta buy People magazine and bone up on the stars.

          1. re: westsidegal

            Lots of Lakers and Dodgers there. Best Buy I've seen a few there too.

            As far as restaurants, the Salt Creek Grill and Counter has some athletes during the weekday lunches.

        2. Although I occasionally see a star at a concert, I usually see them when I least expect to. They might be grabbing a coffee at Coffee Bean on Sunset. They might be getting be getting a prescription filled at Rite Aid at Sunset & Fairfax. They might be getting some groceries at the Gelsons on Franklin. Angelyne can be seen tooling around in her pink Corvette. I ran into Paul Mazursky getting a cat scan at Cedars. One problem is that in these settings you sometimes fail to recognize them until they are gone (good for them). Surely, the best opportunity would be if you could wangle a way into one of the studio restaurants on their backlots (Paramount, e.g.). Another possibility is driving around downtown and looking for film shoots which happen every day. That said, the Ivy (or Ivy at the Shore) and Nobu suggestions make sense. For years, Larry King used to eat breakfast at Nate N Als. Not sure if his heart will permit him to continue this. Ironically, you might have a better chance of bumping into a star in the PS area. Or as the Kinks sang, "You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard...."

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          1. re: mc michael

            Most of those film shoots around LA that you see are actually commercials and rarely with someone famous.

            1. re: PurpleTeeth

              There are lots of commercials, but also films, CSIs, etc. Often you can tell by the signs with arrows posted on street light poles.

              1. re: mc michael

                true, but a huge number are commercials and driving around looking for stars seems like a long shot.

          2. Servorg is right, there's no *guarantee* that you'll see celebs anywhere...except perhaps Spago, but the ones i've seen there are older and wouldn't excite your niece.

            it's too bad she wont be there during the weekend. in all honesty the best bet is probably one of the weekend farmers' markets (SM, Brentwood or Hollywood) or the grocery store - the Brentwood Whole Foods is a common celeb shopping spot.

            you might have luck at Katsuya (though that may be a bit pricey for you), or one of the Italian restaurants in Brentwood.

            1. 3 words...Malibu Country Mart. I usually go a couple times a month and have never not seen a celeb any time of the day, usually at the Starbucks.... John Cusack, Cher, Nick Notle, Keanu. Just wander around for a couple hours, and eat in any of the restos there. Money back guarantee!

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                that is a good idea. I would definately do Ivy for lunch (even though I hate it) but we won't be back from the desert in time so that's why I need a monday night dinner. Tuesday is Disneyland!