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Jan 4, 2010 07:32 AM

Need decent lunch spot in Calgary between airport and 64th Avenue - help!

Hi all -

I'm meeting a friend at the airport today. She was supposed to be in at 9:00 am but has now been delayed until 12:30, and leaves again a couple of hours later. I'm not familiar with that area of town at all, but am looking for a decent lunch spot either around the airport or around 64th Ave and Deerfoot (we need to zip over there to pick something up).


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  1. There is a Vietnamese noodle place called Pho Thanh in Hunterhorn Plaza. I find their food to be really authentic. IMHO they are the best pho place in the far NW (although technically they are in the NE). The decor is not great but I'm there for the food not the decor. It is my go-to place for pho if I don't feel like driving all the way downtown. Btw, this place is located just off 64thAve on the west side of Deerfoot and is near KFC.

    6630 4 St NE
    (403) 295-0563

    If you feel like chinese food, there is also a Chinese restaurant near Canadian Tire off 64th Ave. It is also in the Hunterhorn Plaza. This Chinese restaurant has a green roof (I think it used to be a old pizza hut or something). I don't remember the name of the restaurant but I think they serve dim sum and other lunch items as well. I've only been there for dinner recently.

    Hope this helps. That's all I can think of around the Deerfoot Mall area. At least it beats eating at the food court in the mall.

    1. My suggestion would be sandwiches at the deli in the Italian Store. Their address is 5140 Skyline Way NE. Take McKnight toward deerfoot and turn right onto Aviation Blvd (as if you're going to Wendy's/Tim's) merge over to the left asap and take the first left onto 49th AV NE, at the first intersection go straight through this is where 49th becomes Skyline Blvd follow Skyline down the hill, and the Italian Store will be on your right.

      ETA: Pics of the Italian store from this local blogger: