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Jan 4, 2010 07:24 AM

Driving from NYC to Nashville - Rest Stop Suggestions?

Hi all,
I'm going to be driving from NYC to Nashville, and I was wondering if there were any good places to stop on the way. I'm not looking for anything official, just something better than fast food at rest stops. Any local delicacies? I'll be on route I-78 and I-81 through PA, MD, WV, VA, and TN and then I-40 in TN to Nashville.

I'll x-post this on the PA board, too.


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  1. I think you mean I-81, not I-80? If so, my suggestion is to do search on here for "I-81". Its a fairly frequently discussed topic. Here's one post to get you started:

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      Oops! You're right, and I've fixed the error. Thanks for the advice, too!

    2. Lexington VA is a great little town with lots of history, interesting architecture and good food. Also Cocoa Mill Chocolate is one of the tops in the country. Only 3 miles west of 81 and well worth the time.

      1. try the bbq ranch in harrisonburg, va.. just off of I-81

        1. I 81 merges into I 40 just N of Knoxville. Look for Puleo's. You have several possibilities - Strawberry Plains exit before you get to Knoxville, West Hills or Cedar Bluff Exits when you are in Knoxville and at one of the Cookeville exits on 40 W after one hour west of Knoxville. Local chef has branched out and opened several locations. Shrimp and grits with tasso ham is sooo good. Great Steaks. Southern dishes like turkey and dressing and Italian dishes like lasagna. Trust me - this is really good food and reasonablly priced. For a quick bite, try Buddy's barbecue at either the Broadway exit on I 640 ( when you get to Knoxville take I 640 to zip around downtown) or the Buddy's at the Gallaher View exit further west of downtown. Quick, inexpensive and tasty. Also a local family who opened multiple locations.