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Jan 4, 2010 07:15 AM

where is the best sushi in newport?

I have a special dinner this friday and he likes sushi. He's used to the best so in your opinion please tell me which restaurant has the best sushi in newport? I've seen reviews for Sumo sushi and Tokyo house and they are mixed. I am hoping someone can help me out here!


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  1. I would not go to Sumo sushi. I have only been for lunch, but have never gotten the feeling that I am eating the freshest fish. I would recommend either Sea Shai or Tokyo House. I mostly go to Tokyo House because it is in my neighborhood, but the servers are really friendly and the sushi is just great. Decor is just average. Sea Shai has their original location in Middletown and a second (with Hibachi) in Newport. I really love the Middletown location and usually go there, probably because I am not 100% sure that Newport has the full extent of the sushi menu, but they probably do so if that is more convenient for you. but either way, neither are "trendy", just good quality, straightforward raw fish. Hope you enjoy!

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      Is Tokyo House the Japanese restaurant right off of Broadway?

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        Yep, right off broadway at Equality Park

    2. Probably too late to affect your dinner plans tonight, but my advice would be to enjoy Newport for what it is, and don't try to make something of it that it's not. There are a fair number of very nice places to eat that will make you and your friend very happy. But if he's really "used to the best" you will not find sushi which will meet his standards. Go to LA (incl Orange Co.) or NYC to eat good sushi, and forget about anywhere else (in the US).

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