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Jan 4, 2010 07:14 AM

Edmonton RROTM - January - L2grill

Hi all,

here are the details for January's RROTM:


As usual post your reviews at the END of this month :



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  1. There's something about eating at WEM that's a complete turnoff. I may have to skip this month's pick.

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    1. re: HamiltonLake

      The hotel has actually done quite a good job of "divorcing" the restaurant from the rest of "da mall".

      We went just before Xmas and apart from the "madness" of parking, you would not have felt that you were part of WEM.

    2. Their menu isn't online, so I went last night to look at it and I really did not think they were offering anything special and they were pretty pricey. My friend and I ended up going to Cactus Club for an AWESOME meal.

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      1. re: Bryn


        As far as I know you are right about the menu not being posted. However, I called and the person I spoke to emailed me a copy before we decided on going there rather than another option.

        I am a "fan" of Cactus Club as well having had their sablefish for lunch yesterday.

        1. re: Bob Mac

          Well I'm glad they were willing to do that. I was thinking I could call and ask about their menu, but I didn't really think about them e-mailing it.

          We had the beef carpaccio and I had the four mushroom sirloin.

          1. re: Bryn


            I posted more extensively about our meal just before Xmas when my brother was in town.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              I did read it before I went the first time (I think). I was eying the carpaccio and my friend being extremely trusting said why don't we share that as an app. Luckily she likes rare beef, but she was pleasantly shocked.

      2. I dropped the ball on this one. Didn't even get close to the mall in January.

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        1. re: raidar

          between forkfest and about6 days out of town, I didn't make it either despite good intentions.