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Jan 4, 2010 06:52 AM

Quality Baking Chocolate

Aside from the chocolate shop at the JT Market, can anyone recommend a place where I can buy quality baking chocolate?


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  1. Depends what quantity and what quality you want., but you can get good couverture chocolate at Aubut. Belconade is reasonable in quality and price and I believe you can get it in 1 kg bags. Other brands like Cacao Barry and Callebaut are more expensive and come in larger formats.

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        One more thing, SnackHappy, since you seem to know your you know where one might take candy-specific courses in MTL? I'm looking to take chocolate/candy-making classes (pat-time). Thanks!

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          Sorry to hijack this thread, but since we're talking about chocolate, figured it's appropriate not to start another thread =)

          I really love chocolate fondue but don't know much about chocolate in term of quality. I was wondering what would you consider some of the best chocolate for fondue and where can I buy it (in Montreal or Laval). Thanks!

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            I'd get regular "chocolat noir" and spike it up with some Toblerone chocolate.

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            Are all those brands available at the location that you mentioned? I've got a friend coming and I want to make truffles. I've always used Callebaut chocolate, but you can't just buy it at the supermarket like you could in Alberta. :/

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              You can get blocks of Callebaut at Milano's on St. Laurent in Little Italy. They also have some at La Vieille Europe on St. Laurent in the Plateau. You can also try the chocolate shop at the Jean-Talon Market.

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                Aubut is not "just a supermarket." ;-P It's a restaurant/bar/dep supplier that happens to be open to the public as well.

                If you take a peek at their PDF catalogue - downloadable here: - you'll see the exact Callebaut (and other) products they have available, there's about a dozen.

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                If you are making truffles, i suggest the Cocoa Barry 1 kg boxes of single origin or single plantation, it makes a big difference if you make plain dark chocolate truffles. If you're adding flavor enhancers, you can go a bit cheaper, but when it's the chocolate on its own you really want to start with quality chocolate and quality butter (you can get that at Marche atwater close to aubut) . Or, if you can afford it, get some Valrohna at marche en vrac @ marche atwater, it's really good and you can get just the quantity that you need. the l kg Cocoa barry is available at Aubut according to their catalogue but i have not been there. I know for sure that marche en vrac carries it too, but i usually don't buy it there as it is more expensive.

              3. You can get some at La Pendulerie on Crescent St. as well. Here's a link:


                1. Slightly off topic, but a very good article on a chocolatiers in the townships and their new take on dark chocolate.


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                    Wonder which places in Montreal selling Oivia chocolates?

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                      I don't know if it's the same company, but I did try chocolates from a store in Wakefield (where they used to be located) a couple of years ago, and was not impressed. I should take a ride out to Cantley to try them now.