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Worst Cooks in America

This show was honestly funnier than most sitcoms on the air today. Highlights included people opening cans of soup and putting shredded cheese on it and serving it as their signature dish, peanut butter and meatloaf, and one of the "better" cooks who was too good to make the first cut boiled a whole chicken and slapped swiss cheese slices on it. Anne Burrell and Beau MacMillan were priceless tasting their dishes.

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  1. I saw the previews and felt really bad for the judges.

    1. I found it hilarious, and more educational about cooking than most FN shows.

      1. I was embarrassed for the chefs. They were awkward and uncomfortable. Also the odd competition among the contestants for who was the worst rubbed me the wrong way. First they won because they were the worst; then they lost because they were the worst.

        What has happened to FN? Is it all about oddball contrived competitions now or is there any real cooking happening?

        1. I recorded it out of curiosity, and expected to hate it. It was actually kind of funny. It is a 10-day competition, that is it. All the entrants know they are considered bad cooks, and want to improve. Silly to me that the first dishes the 12 cook are complicated shellfish soups, but it proves the point that this is simply entertainment. Honestly, it is less offensive than a lot of other stuff on tv, and I'd watch this over what Hell's Kitchen has become - a lot of yelling, swearing, and not much cooking.
          The only part that really annoyed me was the weeping woman who wants to learn to cook because her daughter wants her to. Well, lady, go to a real cooking class or 2, not a tv show! The previews were a little too dramatic for me, hope it does not spiral into a lot of tears and drama.

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            The seafood stew didn't seem too complicated. Outside of them putting together a garden salad, I can't really imagine anything easier for them to start out with.

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              well, maybe not complicated, but to take people who don't cook and expect them to cook shrimp and clams on a first go, never mind trust them with saffron (too expensive for my kitchen!) and nori seems a bit much. Maybe some knife skills, and basic ingredients for a tutorial would be more in line. I was just reading over at FN Humor site, and there are links to the some of the "contestants" websites. Very funny, some actors looking for exposure. Oh well, not I was not expecting anything like reality!

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                I thought this show was highly entertaining but agree that this soup (both versions) were a bit challenging for a first dish. There were a lot of steps for people who were starting out with pretty much no skills. Starting out with something that requires blanching, de-veining, and using what seemed to be like fairly unfamiliar ingredients was a bit extreme.

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                  Saffron is hella cheap if you buy it at Costco. Remember you only really need like a pinch per a uncooked cup or two of rice anyways.

            2. Keep the comments coming, posters; I really wanted mrbushwickgirl to watch this program but Cablevision & Scripps did us in <sigh.>

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                I really didn't understand the concept from the one preview I saw. So I guess *now* they are supposed to be better than all the other bad cooks? I thought originally it was competing to be "the worst cook in america" which didn't really make much sense at all. But alas, I can only virtually follow this one, as I too have cablevision......

              2. Haven't caught this yet, but it's a US rework of Kitchen Criminals with John Burton Race and Angela Hartnell. Did anyone show up with a frozen dinner as their "go-to"?

                1. I thought this show was some good fun.. although I did think that it was a little fake up front with some of those ridiculous dishes.

                  Now that they really are not educated chefs and they have to compete for a real prize, it should be interested- I have really grown to like Anne Burrell quite a bit.

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                    I agree with you about Anne. She's just too much on her own show, but on this one she's a little more laid back and relaxed, but still funny.

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                      Totally agree - I like Anne Burrell being herself, interacting with people - she's got plenty to say and teach. When she's ((( Presentational ))) she's unwatchable for me.

                  2. I almost wet myself last night when one of the contestants called the knife cut a "chiifendale". Priceless.

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                      Good one. I couldn't have made it up if I wanted to. Would that be like the cartoon characters Chip n' Dale?
                      I hope when I get FN back on Cablevision some of these episodes will be repeated.