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Jan 4, 2010 06:05 AM

homemade donuts

where's the best place to buy single homemade donuts in manhattan? preferably plain, old-fashioned.

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  1. Doughnut Plant. They are amazing and delicious.

    1. The Donut Plant is good but I love their smaller, moister cake donuts. I like their bigger, fluffy yeast ones too but sometimes the texture isn't a crowd-pleaser. They're a little chewy. Do a search and you'll see that this topic is hotly debated.

      Manhattan, unfortunately, has a lot of bad donuts, too.

      Honestly, I'd go to Peter Pan in Greenpoint for a big fluffy old fashioned plain donut.

      See also:

      1. u can also get them at donut pub. i've never seen plain old fashioned at doughnut plant but i've only been there twice. i've never been to peter pan but i've heard great things.

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          I just moved to Greenpoint and recently had both Peter Pan and Doughnut Plant.

          I will just say in the future I will be going to Doughnut Plant, I though their donuts were delicious...