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Jan 4, 2010 05:21 AM

Good country sausage near Greenville, NC?

I'm looking for something along the lines of what you'd get at the Red&White in Dortches, Nahunta Pork Center, or Acre Station Meat Farm in Pinetown. Should be made in-house and come in regular and air dried versions, with a choice of hot or mild for each type. Unfortunately, while I love the sausage at all three above locations, the nearest one is still too far away to really be convenient.

I have tried the Piggly Wiggly in Ayden, which is my usual source for Southern items that I can't find in increasingly deracinated Greenville. They have a good, but not great, hot/mild regular sausage and no air dried sausage that I've seen.

There's a Red&White in Vanceboro- anyone tried that?

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  1. Naco. I lived in Greenville until 2005. My folks still live in Kinston and Piggly Wiggly was their choice. Something must have happened because they say it's not as good as it once was. Their looking elsewhere too. My guess in Health Dept. regulations make it increasingly difficult to make sausage on-site like my granddaddy did. Let's face it the sausage making art ain't pretty to look at and every new regulation is channeled towards food safety rather than food taste.

    I haven't been recently but have found decent country sausage at the State Farmers Mkt. in Raleigh. I'm sorry I don't know which vendor. I just go to the same spot every time. It is in about the middle of the covered shed. I now live in Winston-Salem and good sausage is hard to find here as well. Nahunta is still good I hear but its been awhile since I've been. I'd love to hear if you finds the real deal so I can let my folks know about it.

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      I cooked some Nahunta sausage on the grill this summer and it was really good. Nahunta, Smith's R&W, and Acre Station are all about even money in terms of quality. I'm going to check out the Dutch Pantry in Grifton this weekend, so I might swing over to Vanceboro to have a look at the Red and White there.

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        not that this adds much but I have bought sausage at Smith's , which I was told was the best, and Nahunta air dried hot is still my hands down favorite.

    2. Ayden- Sumrells is the only place I know that makes some stuff in house, he used to do like 6 but is now back to just a couple. Jerky hangs from the ceiling. I think he still does Boerwurst fresh and dried.

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        Do you know what their days/hours are?

      2. I shop at Food Lion in Ayden and have found a great sausage that tastes very much like homemade sausage - no quality issues to be concerned with - just great taste. Not all grocery stores carry it but this one does on a regular basis. It is Neeses, and they provide regular, hot, and, my personal favorite, wirth extra sage. Try it and let me know how you like it!

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          I've had Neese's before and it's pretty good, but I was looking for sausage to grill, and they don't sell cased sausages.

          I did try Sumrell's a few weeks ago, but their machine was broken and they were out of everything but the fresh hot variety. It was very good, though.

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            Convenience is relative when you're talking about good sausage. Nahunta is only an hour from Greenville (city center). You can always purchase a case of sausage and freeze it when you get home. Just cut into links, vac or zip bag it up, and pop it in the freezer.

            Air dried hot is the best sausage there is. Get some ham while you're there.

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              There is a place on Fire Department Rd. in Williamston that produces local sausage. They get rave reviews although I haven't tried the products. I have heard that they will make custom sausage also. I believe that they sell at the local Pig and
              Shaw's Bar-B-Que. They sell factory direct also. They are across from the fire dept.

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                That's Griffin's, out in Farm Life. You can buy their sausages(they also do pre-cooked bbq) at most Pigs in the area- they have them at the one in Ayden that I usually shop at. It's decent stuff, but not great, like the places mentioned in the OP.

        2. A rather obvious candidate had passed me by, which I've now rectified- Bonham Meats' Greenville location. They make both fresh mild and air dried mild in house. Unfortunately, there is no hot sausage of either type.

          Both were very good, and the fresh mild had a bit of a kick to it, so that made up for not having a hot variety just a bit. Both the fresh and the air dried were on the same level as the places mentioned in the OP.

          Bonham also sells whole frozen rabbits for $2.99/lb. They're farm-raised though, so not as flavorful as a wild one. But I grilled one up along with the sausage and it was quite nice.

          1. Hey I was just reading this post and was amazed that no one spoke about Mac's Old Folks Sausage in between Benson and Dunn NC. They are about thirty mins south east of Raleigh but they are well worth the drive. They make their own Air Dried Sausage in Med. and Hot as well as fresh link, bulk, and small link. Their susage is the best I have ever found, they are famous in that area but they are really a best kept secret in NC. I think their number is 919-894-3648 and they ship their sausage