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Jan 4, 2010 03:53 AM

2010 - What are you drinking?

Happy New Year everyone! It's time for a new "What are you drinking" thread!

Wishing youa ll the best in 2010! May many corks be popped, and many bottles be enjoyed! Saluti! -mJ

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  1. just uncorked a malbec from northern Argentina ->

    1. Cleaned the cellar over the holidays, so am trying to have the discipline to drink the stuff that most needs to go (either due to age or due to there being no more rack space for that particular category). Last night finished off a 2007 David Coffaro Petite Sirah and tonight I'm eyeing a 2001 Saumur.

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        Had a Chateau L'Aulee' Cremant de Loire Brut NV last night at my local wine bar that was so yummy. Apples, honey and a little lemon, it was a lovely expression of a sparkling Chenin Blanc that wasn't too sweet. Retail: $15, so I'll definitely be back to pick some up for my next party. I also picked up a 2008 Winter Riesling Trocken (1 L, $14.50) which I'll probably be breaking into the next time we head out to our new favorite Chinese restaurant. This Rheinhessen Riesling is probably one of my favorites both in flavor; dry , balanced and delicious and price point.

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        1. 2007 Shrader Hell Hole Zinfandel......EXCELLENT!

          1. 2003 Roc de Cambes with med-rare duck breasts and a morello-cherry sauce

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              The entire family of wines are quite good. I've had the Domaine l'Aurage, and the Domaine de Cambes, as well as the Tertre Roteboeuf. The 04 Domaine de Cambes is drinking very well right now for a young Bordeaux.

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                Yeah - the Tetrtre Roteboeufs are nice, had a 99 towards the end of last year and it still had everything there with no signs of tiring.
                Never had the Domaine de Cambes though, is that a 'second label' or something totally separate?

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                  They are all from I believe the same proprietors and winemakers.

                  The Domaine l'Aurage is a Cote de Castillon, Domaine de Cambes has a general Bordeaux appellation. Both with the name and style, I think its a younger sibling of sorts to Roc. And less expensive. But I think the Roc is the better value. Different wines, but I also like the Roc better than the Tertre.