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Jan 3, 2010 10:53 PM

Craving that Pita Inn taste


I'm leaving the Chicago area this week after spending some time with my elderly mom (she's 99 1/2, God bless her), and was wondering if anyone out there has a recipe to share that uses
mediterranean style marinade/spices (I think that one of the spices is turmeric, produces a yellowish tinge) for grilling chicken breasts on an indoor grill that tastes like/similar to the chicken tenders from Pita Inn (we ate one time at the one in Glenview, delish).



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  1. Hi JT,

    Hope you're still out there reading Chowhound and your mom is doing well. I wish I had a recipe like that to share with you, but unfortunately I don't. My wife and I have dined at Pita Inn in Skokie several times and we agree that their chicken tenders, sandwich or entree, is delicious.

    Noteworthy, I used to live in Vernon Hills, and my wife and I regularly dined at a place called John's Garage & Filling Station, which is no longer in business, totally different restaraunt replaced it. We frequently ordered their so-called marinated teriyaki chicken breast skewers, 4 per order and was very reasonably priced, on a bed of seasoned rice. We thought it tasted quite unique, unlike any other true teriyaki chicken that we had eaten before.

    My wife became very chatty with the owner, and decided to ask for the recipe one time. What she got instead was a tiny little plastic cup of teriyaki sauce, which never went on the chicken skewers in the first place. The owner obviously didn't want to give her the recipe, or perhaps thought that we were incredibly dumb diners, and would believe/accept anything.

    When the place closed down, we were bummed out BIG time that we would never be able to find that unique taste again. Needless to say, we were overjoyed, ecstatic to discover that the chicken tenders at Pita Inn tasted exactly the same as the skewers at John's Garage, though there was no yellow appearance or coating on the skewers. Turmeric apparently not being a key ingredient.