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Japanese green tea with roasted rice?

A book fan email list I subscribe to has been having a huge tea discussion. Someone posted that most Japanese/sushi restaurants serve tea made with loose green tea that has roasted rice in it, and she'd searched for years to find it available retail. I've always loved the green tea I've had in Japanese restaurants here in Boston, and nothing I've made at home from commercial supermarket brands has been quite the same.

Does anyone know where I can find it around here? I'm in Cambridge. I know about the local markets in Union Square and and Medford, but I wouldn't know what to look/ask for.

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  1. I used to buy this Genmaicha in Hawaii (green tea with roasted rice) but now that I am in Boston, I often order it online. Try googling it and you should be able to find several places that will send it to you.

    1. Tea Zone in Somerville is one place that has it. MEM Tea makes one that I have seen retail - South End Formaggio sold it at one time but I'm not sure if they still do.

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        Thanks! I'll check out Tea Zone.

      2. Tealuxe in Harvard Square or on Newbury street have it on their menu. Thanks for the questions. I'll have to try it.


        1. If the commercial brands you've tried are the individual tea bags, you might want to try the larger packs of loose leaf tea that are sold in the same section, but typically sold below the boxes of tea bags. I see these in Korean, Japanese and Chinese markets and often find them to be of better quality that the individual bags.

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            Just saw it at H mart in Burlington this weekend; I've also bought it at Super 88. This time I ordered it from Upton Tea with my annual stock up. Delicious!

          2. Whole Foods carries several brands of Genmaicha along with Hojicha which is another type of roasted Japanese green tea.

            1. This shouldn't be hard to find at all...it's become a common and popular tea.

              I have even seen genmai cha on the shelves at Stop & Shop.

              1. Reliable in Union square definitely has genmai cha, as do the other places in Cambridge that were mentioned (Tealuxe, Lotte market on Mass Ave, WF, probably even Harvest Coop, the newish upscale market in Harvard Square, etc.).

                One slightly more deluxe and really nice variant which I *haven't* seen in Boston is one that also has a bit of matcha (green tea) powder mixed in- I usually bring it back from CA, but I'd love to find a local source of that!

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                  Foodpak Express near the South End has all the types of tea mentioned here. They're real cheap and all 'Made in Japan.' Make sure to ask where the Japanese food section is (head immediately far left) because the place is HUGE.

                  Is it proper to bring my bag of green roasted rice tea to a restaurant and ask for hot water to save money?

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                    i once saw somebody come into Winsor and take out a box of the toasted rice and added it to the tea provided by the restaurant

                2. You can get excellent roasted green tea at Super 88 at south bay shopping center - or what was Supper 88. ( I think it is now the Hong Kong market?) There last week and brought several boxes. One of my favorite teas.