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Jan 3, 2010 07:40 PM

Damiano's Mr. Pizza - Late night love

I now Damiano's on Fairfax is not on anyone's list of amazing pizza, and I'm not suggesting it should be, but at 3am, it's a god send. Fri night my date and I were starving and didn't feel like going out and at 3 am ordered a large mushroom, sausage and olive pizza. I ordered thick crust, which I've never done before, but that's what he likes. 40 min and $24 later we were in heaven. It was really pretty damn good. It was tasty hot and better than any chain pizza. I think they deliver until something like 4 or 6am.

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  1. For 3 AM delivery it's the equivalent of Urasawa! ;-D>

    1. Great food and I love their hours. But when you get a delivery, they bat around .500 at getting the order right.

      1. EW!! I'm glad I have burrito trucks around to get my late nite munchie fix on! Damiano's totally rips you off by the huge additional delivery charge because of their "service" to you for being open till 4 or 5am lol...not ethical and not worth the mega-calories :) I will admit I have ordered out of desperation before, but then I moved to Koreatown!

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          Not sure why the "EW!!" comment? Seems like r&y liked the pizza pretty well. And to even have the option for hot food *delivery* at that time of the night is pretty damn amazing and convenient. All things considered I have to give a tip of the cap to Damiano's.

          1. re: Deidre7

            How is their delivery charge not ethical? It's not hidden. It's not snuck into the bill. If I didn't think it was worth the price, I'd take my business elsewhere. You may not care for it, but it is as ethical as any price on a menu.

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              Damiano's Mr. Pizza is on my list of amazing LA pizzerias. Sue me, I love their pies, and have since the late '80s. 1980s, that is.

              1. re: CucumberBoy

                Whenever I'm in the Fairfax area, Damiano's has always been a must stop for a slice of their tasty NY style pie. Then I walk across the street to Canter's for a corned beef sandwich. Damn, I love coming down to Fairfax!

          2. I too love Damiano's Pizza. But, the thing that really blows my mind is that at 3:00am you don't always have to get pizza. I've been tipsy (ok, smashed) at 3:00am and ordered up huge steamed clams in lemon butter, stuffed artichokes, chicken cannelloni, even those weird fugazzettas. To the drunken gourmand, it's like a miracle. An expensive miracle, but hey.

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              1. re: yummyinmytummy

                I"m not sure what they charge. I think they will deliver anywhere and charge accordingly. I live very close so never really paid much attention to it. I think a few bucks or so ???

                1. re: rednyellow

                  The really nice feature is that they will basically deliver no matter how far away you live and simply charge more for greater distance. It seems to range from a low of around $4 to maybe $10 to $15 if you are 30 minutes + away. I'm sure there must be some cut off, but don't know what that actually might be (and just might depend on what the limit on your credit card might be - lol).

                  1. re: Servorg

                    that's true--years ago I moved from Miracle Mile to Los Feliz and they delivered up in the hills with no problem.

            1. don't be ashamed, Damiano's is a lot better than most LA pizza. They used to make a quite good baked ziti with eggplant too (haven't been there in a while).

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                I guess I was a tad bit harsh but there are by far better pies in LA. But that is for another topic I guess?? :)