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Jan 3, 2010 06:35 PM

mold on jam

my daughter bought me back a jar of fig jam from Italy. I just opened it - the paper seal was intact and there was a big splodge of green mold.

Is it safe or should I just removed the mold and jam around it and eat the jam? Not sure if I have read about botulism or any other illness that can be got from moldy jam.

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  1. ummm that'd make me nervous. Did it pop when you opened it? i.e. was the suction still intact, not asking if the top popped, lol. but still, it seems unsafe canning procedures were used...

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    1. re: kubasd

      I don't remember it popping, in fact it was quite easy to unscrew. I think I will toss it, which is a shame because it looks wonderful.

    2. Wouldn't mold need air.oxygen and botulism is anaerobic so you wouldn't have to worry about both?

      To me, if something seems fairly solid/low moisture I might be comfortable just scraping the mold off, but if it seemed more liquid I'd be more concerned.

      1. Mold can travel, unseen, through fruits, veggies, cheese, and jellies. I would definitely toss.

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        1. re: pikawicca

          I am of the "the way things used to be" and "I'm in a remote place" or "in France" terms of food mold...unless there are mold allergies...I would diligently scrape and wipe all mold, like I do with cheese, and eat it. I probably would, in terms of that fig jam, make a fig sauce (heated at high temp) for a piece of pork or nosh platter.

          1. re: stepawayfromthetable

            I do this for cheese, cut the bad parts off of veggies and fruits... but for a substance such as jam, which is semi-solid, i'd be more nervous, since you can't tell how far the bacteria has traveled.