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Jan 3, 2010 06:02 PM

Large Champagne glasses any good?

I'm in the market for some Champagne glasses recently. One thing I've noticed is that there are now a few lines of Champagne glasses that come in 11-12oz capacities, significantly larger than the typical 6-8oz capacities traditionally used. I know that big wine glasses are in style, but I wonder if the large size really works with Champagne. Considering that you typically fill a Champagne glass much higher than other glasses, do they force you into too large of a serving? Has anyone tried out one of these larger capacity glasses and have a recommendation?

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  1. The (main) purpose of a large champagne glass is to absorb the froth.
    With regular sizes, you must pour 3 or 4 times in order to fill a glass.
    The paunchy shapes make life easier.
    Plus: the empty space in the glass allows for more flavor development than the traditional flute.

    E.g. my favorite, Baccarat Oenologie :

    Needless to say, you don't fill it up to the rim.

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    1. re: RicRios

      These are my dream Champagne glasses. A close second would be those tulips from Krug.

      1. re: mengathon

        Dream come true they certainly are.
        And a pain in the guts when they break as well.

    2. I serve Champagne out of 13 oz (?) Riedel Chianti glasses. I want air contact and a good amount of space between the champagne and the end of the glass so that I can actually smell the wine. At least half the serious winos I know prefer Champagne out of medium-sized, Bordeaux-shaped glasses as opposed to the traditional Champagne glasses.

      1. I have these Riedel Vinum Extreme champagne glasses that are fairly large and I like them a lot:

        I think they work pretty well, less spillage as others say and there's more room to smell the champagne. The fact that it tapers up top (just like the other glass mentioned) helps concentrate the aroma even more. I also really like how they have the etch on the bottom that concentrates all the bubbles in the really has a huge impact on the tasting experience, I feel like there's a party in my mouth! :-) This actually amused me so much that I shot this video to compare it with my old cheapo champagne flute:

        I think many other manufacturers do the same thing with the etching and have similar shapes, but I for one am very happy with these glasses. I think the large size is beautiful and looks great on the table, and I have no problems with the increased capacity since no serving of Champagne is too large for me!

        1. Sounds like a good idea to me. We have five flutes (one was broken shortly after we got a half dozen in 1976) and on any Champagne occasion where there six or more of us, I am more than happy to use a white wine glass instead. In fact, truth be told, I think a frosty mug of Bollinger with a lot of fresh oysters sounds like a great idea.