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Jan 3, 2010 05:51 PM

Dinner served in a Soup Bowl.

More and more lately, I've been served food in a bowl, Not a flat soup plate, but a bowl meant for pasta to be dished up from.

Where did this conceit come from?

It's extremely difficult to cut a piece of meat/chicken, or duck sausage (new menu item at DeYoung Museum in San Francisco) and not splash the other contents around. At the DeYoung there were also asparagus spears to manipulate. Dinner at Rue St. Jacques also came in a bowl.

I don't appreciate that kind of service and I think when it appears in front of me, I'll request it returned to the kitchen and put on a proper dinner plate.

Am I out of touch and not being trendy?

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  1. It hasn't happened to me and I hope it doesn't. If I was served something that was obviously awkward to eat I'd probably ask for a proper plate.

    1. Don't they do this a lot on Top Chef? I think I remember one of the judges or guests commenting on the awkwardness of trying to cut and eat a dish out of a dish that had high edges.

      I've personally never experienced it, but I don't eat at fine dining restaurants that frequently.

      1. Probably just a function of the cooks/chefs getting bored with the regular entree plates and exploring their options without fully considering functionality. Its weirdly exciting to get new plates when you work in a restaurant, suddenly square and rectangular are options, round is so boring! At my current job we fight over all the little canape dishes, its sort of funny.

        1. "Am I out of touch and not being trendy?"

          Yes. And so am I. I hate it. You cannot get to work with a knife and fork!

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          1. re: Harters

            I'm a hater too, but what really gets me is when you have to put a utensil down and inexorably it slides into whatever you are eating, usually handle first. GAK.

            1. re: grayelf

              Oh, yes.

              These new bowl affairs are splendid looking. But they have no rims upon which to put one's cutlery. The biggest joke was one of these plates that's more than a ten inch square with a little tiny "bowl" about three inches in diameter set in the middle. I tried to set my cutlery on the enormous rim, only to find out that it sloped ever-so-gradually downward. My cutlery plunged, noisily, to the floor.

              1. re: shaogo

                That's even worse! At least I could continue eating after some mopping up :-).

            2. re: Harters

              Me three. I alway thought it was so they could serve teeny portions and get away with it.

            3. Hate it most of the time, BUT there is ONE redeeming feature of food in a bowl. It helps retain heat. A small portion on a large dinner plate tends to cool quickly, and most restaurants don't preheat the dinner plates.

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              1. re: bagelman01

                Prefer Pot Pie in a bowl, with a spoon...