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Jan 3, 2010 05:34 PM

Recommendations in Long Beach area?

My husband and I are visiting LA this weekend and I was hoping to get a couple recommendations on where to eat. We're staying in Long Beach, but will probably spend one afternoon/evening in Beverly Hills because I haven't been before and the other day hanging around Long Beach-Newport Beach. We're only there for about 48 hours so we don't have a ton of opportunities to try places. We're celebrating my birthday so one nice restaurant would be great. We're up for everything!
Thank you !!

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  1. Not a whole lot in Long Beach, but I love Frenchy's Bistro (and the owners are actually French). It's not too expensive and I love their deserts, especially the pine nut tart with lavender ice cream. If you do go, call them ahead and see if you can get some of their "classic" offerings such as the duck a l'orange as they have recently changed their menu.

    In Newport Beach, I usually go to Bluefin for sushi.