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Jan 3, 2010 05:10 PM

Coronado Chow-ish and not too expensive?

I realize this is asking a lot, but: What's good, chow-ish, and not too expensive in Coronado?

This is for a group of visiting history professors who study China and other East Asian lands, so food wimpery is no problem; most of these folks scarf down bowls of Sichuan peppercorns for breakfast. The more unusual the origin of the food, the better -- and definitely not necessarily Chinese; these folks can get great Chinese back in NYC or Boston or Shanghai. (If we want great Chinese we'll go to Ba Ren on the mainland!) No need to stoke the "Bay view" fetish, either: the food's the thing, and academic money is tight.

"Unusual origin," for visitors, of course, can include good authentic Mexican or Left Coast Yew-Ess chow. But Bhutanese or Eritrean would be even better (yeah, right, I'd assume those are not likely in Coronado, but that's why I'm asking).

Thank you for attending to my obnoxiously demanding request!

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    1. Eritrean in Coronado? Oh my, I am cracking up. But seriously, if you group is willing to venture into City Heights, you will find Ethiopian and Somalian fare, and as I type this, I am realizing the only restaurant name I can recall is Red Sea. Super Cocina would be a good choice for Mexican food. Fredcel has good Philipino food.

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        Thanks; I've been to Red Sea, and will keep the others in mind for the future. Unfortunately, for this particular event we are constrained to Coronado. That's why I made the joke about finding specific ethnic cuisines in a city where they obviously can't be found. I'm just looking for Chowhoundish suggestions about lesser-known establishments in Coronado, not the $25-for-a-little-dish-of-fried-calamari-with-a-nice-view-of-the-bay places that advertise in airline on-board magazines (like Candelas).

      2. Not gonna find anything in the realm of..oh there is an Asian fusion place on Orange Avenue..... But hey what about while in Coronado they just eat like the natives.
        Boathouse, the Del, and Miguel’s are all great San Diego historic sites ...I mean if they are history professors. Wouldn’t they want something real rather then some inauthentic Asian experience?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have had pretty good takeout thai in Coronado A friend lives there and would grab it for parties but not sure of the name. What about if you went down to IB? There are some pretty good ethnic places there. And is there a reason you must stay on Coronado? You are making some pretty tall requests and not being very kind to those attempting to help.

            1. re: jturtle

              Jturtle...What good ethnic restaurants are in IB? They have a very good grocery store..with a heck of a wine section.believe it or not, it's a Wallys!..and Thai in nado? Where?..ask yr friend I would like to try it..

          2. The original comment has been removed