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Jan 3, 2010 04:54 PM

Desperate to Change My Breakfast Repertoire- Miami, Aventura, Hollywood, Ft. Laud.

Any feedback on any of the below for brunch/breakfast? I'm open to other suggestions.

Mom's Kitchen
Diner in Fort Lauderdale

Big Squeeze
Juices and health food in North Miami Beach

Ocean Alley
On the water in Hollywood

The French Bakery
Bay Harbour

Rendezvous Bakery
Aventura and Hollywood locations

Cypress Nook
This is a German-owned hole in the wall in Pompano (a bit further than I would like to go)

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  1. Have not tried any of the above but French Bakery in Bal Harbour is Maria Frumkin (formerly Duo) who is highly thought of.

    1. Mom's Diner is just that...a diner! Cypress Nook is very good, but I don't know where you are coming from! I love their raspberry pancakes and I am told the egg dishes are excellent. (I don't eat eggs.)
      We love Sunday breakfast at Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale, the only day they serve breakfast.
      There is a Rendez-vous in Fort Lauderdale, on Oakland Park Blvd. If that is the same as those you mentioned, they serve a nice breakfast.
      We are ALWAYS looking for new and good breakfast places and haven't fpund anything terribly exciting beyond what you've mentioned.

      1. Don't know how far you're willing to go, but Buenos Aires Bakery (in the 70s on Collins) has a great array of sweet and savory pastries and nice milky cafe con leche. Also, David's Two off Lincoln Road does homemade, skinny, fresh-fried churros.

        1. I like going to the Rainbo Cafe, in downtown Hollywood. The metered parking is right there, the food is reliably 'diner good,' and the setting/people watching/bustle makes me glad I'm sitting with a mimosa and watching the world go by. It's close, convenient and friendly -- and the food is good.

          And, sometimes that's just what you want from a breakfast place!

            1. re: flavrmeistr

              I meant to add Rainbo to the list. Any feedback on Coral Rose Cafe? From what I gather, the reviews are mixed.

              1. re: jessierandall

                Last time I was at Coral Rose -- coupla months ago -- everything just seemed tired. The decor, the people, and the food. Dunno how food gets tired, but it just seemed to go along with the 'tired' vibe in the place.

                1. re: southocean

                  I know it's a chain, but we loved The Original Pancake House at 213th and Biscayne in the Target plaza. We were there for the first time last week and really enjoyed it.

                  Although it is grimy, the Sage Bagel on Hallandale Beach Blvd is great. We tried bagels and whitefish salad from all the other Jewish delis in the vicinity and hands down, the Sage was the best. I also noticed they sliced their lox by hand.

                  1. re: southocean

                    We used to love Coral Rose, but I agree, it's gotten pretty grungy. The place really needs a makeover or, at least, a realy clean-up. It's gone from a once a week visit to we haven't been back in months.