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Jan 3, 2010 04:52 PM

New to Austin, in search of salt-toasted tofu and agedashi tofu

Hi folks,

New to Austin and hope you might be able to help me find a couple of specific tofu dishes. I searched the boards before posting, but forgive me if my search-box-kung-fu failed and I missed something.

The first is Vietnamese: salt-toasted tofu in the style of Mai's in Houston. Other places in Houston seem to make this too (maybe copying?) but I haven't eaten it in other cities. Mai's calls it "Dau Hu Rang Muoi," and it comes in a thick brown sauce with roasted garlic cloves. It's not the dry-style salt-and-pepper tofu you see sometimes.

The second is Japanese: agedashi tofu. I'm thinking of lightly-fried soft tofu in deeply flavored dashi broth with (sometimes) bonito flake and roe on top. Who does it? Who does it best?

Thanks in advance -- I'm looking forward to eating my way though the city.

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  1. Musashino and Uchi both have great agedashi tofu. I'm very interested in the other dish you described, sounds good, but I haven't seen it on the menu anywhere.

    1. I second your request. I ate Mai's salt toasted tofu every day for several years - it's my favorite dish in Houston. Haven't found anything that even comes close since I moved to Austin a few years ago. Please post if you find it here!

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        Thanks for the replies so far -- I'll give the agedashi at Musashino, Uchi, and Kyoto a try.

        No leads on the salt-tasted tofu, though? I'm starting to think Mai's just made it up by dumping salt-and-pepper tofu in a tasty garlic sauce. But I lack the vocab to get another restaurant to recreate it.

        Syd_austin, I'll post if I ever find it in town, but Chowhound was my last great hope.

      2. Kyoto has the Agedashi tofu, and though I haven' t been there in a long time, I remember it being good.

        1. T&S seafood has pretty awesome S&P Tofu,,,,,, but it is the dry kind : ( worth a try though..