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Jan 3, 2010 04:18 PM

CORK, IRELAND: Best places to shop for food / eat for a student @ UC CORK!

Hoping that I get some locals to peek in and advise on best places for a student to stock up and also get some good,inexpensive eats out around the area of the UC @ CORK !

Happy New Years Chowhounds!

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  1. Well, i'm not a local as I live in Dublin but the best place to shop for food in Cork, if not the entire country, is the English Market. The cheapest places for a student are probably the discount retailers. Two very different experiences :)
    Am afraid I don't know the scene well enough to recommend cheap eats although there are good casual places (ie sandwiches) in the market and the farmgate cafe upstairs isnt expensive and has great Irish grub.

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      1. i'm sure you've been there by now but the english market is great!

        As for places to eat, Lennoxs' chipper on Barrack St (Bandon rd?) is awesome! Not very healthy but so good and, IMO, better than hillbillys for greasy food. There is a vegetarian restaurant upstairs from the Quay Coop grocery on the South Mall. The menu changes everyday and the food is pretty cheap too. It has counter service. it sounds a little strange but the centra on washington st also used to have really good hot chicken sandwiches. i haven't been there in a while though. near tesco, brackens makes a solid, basic sandwich too.