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Jan 3, 2010 04:11 PM

Roast? Need some help with recipes.

I am having a small dinner party (4 people) and wanted to try a roast for the first time. Anyone have any recipes or suggestions? I only have a few short hours to do the roasting.

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  1. Buy a 4 lb premium rib roast, bone in at a butcher counter such as Cumbrae, Loblaw or Sobey's, or even from a Canada 'AAA' tray at Costco.
    Roast in a hot (400 F) oven to 115 F internal temp. Use a probe. Loblaw has a good one for $11.
    It will be done in less than an hour.

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      A very nice suggestion and great information.....If you are going for maximum effect, consider for the menu one rack of veal or two racks of lamb........if price is a concern, you can do a rack of pork......Veal > one bone......Lamb > four bones....and Pork > two bones.

      If Whole Tenderloin is on's easier to roast to temperature and makes a great presentation as Filet of Beef...

      You can coat in different types of nuts , bread crumbs/Panko or fresh herbs

    2. I agree with fourunder, a tenderloin is a nice way to branch into roasts if it's in your budget. (and for 4 people it may be). Post new years sales might be great - I just got a tenderloin for $5 a lb! For 4 I'd say a 2-3 lb tenderloin. Epicurious had a great recipe that I've used for dinner parties for tenderloin with a port wine sauce.

      I also have had great responses to a pork tenderloin with pancetta, rosemary/sage and white wine.

      1. To make it better, stick a whole peeled onion on top with a toothpick.

        1. sirloin, prime rib or tenderloin or leg of lamb. just for planning purposes i bring to room temp. add any extras (mustard, lemon zest, garlic, etc.). i use well seasoned cast iron pan. i place on a bed of 1/2-inch onion slices. add stock almost to top of onions. roast 15 min at preheated 500. then drop temp to 325 and continue for 25 minutes per pound for medium rare. i double check internal temp for about 137 degrees, remove to platter and rest 15 minutes.

          i love rare meat but the rest of the family leans towards med rare. this gets everybody a cut they like.