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Jan 3, 2010 03:48 PM

best liverwurst sandwich

where is the best liverwurst sandwich in manhattan??

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  1. How do you define a good liverwurst sandwich? What's on it? What kind of bread? How much do you care about the quality of the liverwurst?

    I am partial to the Leberwurst Mit Zwiebelmarmelade (liverwurst with onion confit) sandwich at Cafe Sabarsky.

    The homemade liverwurst at Cafe Katja is pretty good too, although I don't think it comes as a sandwich - you can put it on their bread though with their very good mustard.

    Loreley serves a liverwurst sandwich - very straightforward but good quality. Not exactly upscale liverwurst, but fine.

    Eisenberg's makes a decent liverwurst sandwich - you can order it however you want.

    And there's always reliably good liverwurst at Schaller & Weber, and they do make sandwiches. I am partial to their house-made liverwurst which is only sold at the store on 2nd Ave/86th St., although their braunschweiger is good too, if a bit creamy for my tastes.

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      I haven't experimented much with liverwurst in the city, but I can vouch for the deliciousness of the sandwich at Sabarsky.