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Jan 3, 2010 02:51 PM

Must eat places downtown San Diego?

I live in Hillcrest and although it is close, rarely travel downtown for food. What are some of the "Must eats" downtown for lunch and dinner? Preferably with vegetarian options as my boyfriend is veggie.


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  1. It's a short list in my book:

    Cafe Chloe

    1. In addition to the places Steve mentions, some good spots, but it's not really the best area for veggies:
      Cowboy Star (fantastic steaks, prob not for your veggie boyfriend -- they do have some seafood if he is pesco)
      Kebab Shop and Sultan Shawarma (falafel for the veggies)
      Basic (one of the better pizzas in this pizza-starved town)
      Neighborhood (decent burgers, a bit overrated if you ask me and I don't care for the lack of ketchup)

      1. Neighborhood's homemade veggie burger is not bad. Chopahn has good Afghan food.

        1. Basic's pizza is very, very good, and the place is really, really cool!

          1. I have been reading good things about Bice, which is a chain from Italy. Haven't been there, would like to before it gets mobbed. Naomi Wise gave it a good review already so I'm sure it's gotten a lot of business just due to that.

            Also, took my gf to JSix for her birthday, the food was tasty although my pan-seared albacore was kinda cold by the time it came to the table. Seafood is supposed to be the specialty there. Have also heard good things about Quarter Kitchen and Crescent Heights, but haven't been to either.

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              Went to Bice for NYE. It was a set menu and they were interested most in feeding you and getting you out. Probably not a good test. Food was good, not great, service was rushed. I'll try it again.

              1. re: eatemup

                I'm not sure it's fair to judge any restaurant on a special service like NYE/Mother's Day/Valentine's day.

              2. re: mayache

                I went to Bice in san diego.

                Got the burrata and prosciutto appetizer.

                And it was.........Good!

                But seriously, how can you screw that one up?