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Delivery in Villeray/ Petit Patrie area

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I'm looking for tasty solution to the winter laziness. Some delivery options to Villeray or Petit Patrie. Portuguese rotisserie, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican.... anything really. Any ideas?

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  1. Not portuguese per se but Les Deux Fours has a kick ass peruvian wood fired grilled chicken and the fries are really good. The chicken is spicy and some spicy sauces comme with the food and they're really good too.

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      I'm trying to think who delivers as I never order in. Didn't know Les Deux Fours did, yes it is good, especially the chicken and frites.

      Le Marquis on rue de Castelnau now makes thin-crust pizzas, couscous, salads and roast (or grilled?) chicken to deliver.

      Phone: 514.278.7047 – . Delivery announced until 9pm Monday through Sunday (though it would be wise to check at a small, semi-artisanal place).

      Hiko Sun, a brand-new so-called "Korean BBQ" (though Moh and others would probably dispute that appellation) delivers but not very late: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 5-9pm.

      57 rue Beaubien E. corner St-Dominique 514.564.4888

      Casa Alentejo on St-Hubert between Rosemont and Bellechasse does the Portuguese grilled chickens, but I really don't know whether they delver. 514.272.9797, 5938 rue St-Hubert.

      Some of the Vietnamese Restaurants along St-Denis north of Jean-Talon deliver, but I don't remember which ones. I think some of the Indian, Pakistani and other South Asian restaurants along Jean-Talon in Park-Extension do as well.

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        I've been looking for good Korean in this neighbourhood too, my favorite is Chez Bong in Chinatown, but admitedly have not been to much else. Will give these options a shot! Thanks!

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          spectraversa, I hope this is helpful. In terms of quality, I've only been to Les Deux Fours and bought many things from Le Marquis (overall good quality). I have good recommendations from Portuguese people about Casa Alentejo, but have (unfortunately) not bought chicken from them - and have no idea whether they deliver. You'll have to phone.

          I believe Trang An on St-Denis in Villeray delivers: it is an ok but not exceptional family Vietnamese restaurant. I have eaten there, is as I describe. 7259 rue St-Denis phone: 514.272.9992

          This is from a commercial site about restaurants that offer delivery, with the menu and prices: http://www.zoneresto.ca/step4.asp?IdR...

          My favourite Vietnamese restaurants in my neighbourhood, Nhu Y and Pho Tay Ho, don't offer delivery unfortunately.

          I hope someone comes along with South Asian restaurants in Park Ex that deliver.

          Obviously we have a lot of great takeaway stuff, including ducks at Marché Oriental, but you do have to go out and fetch them.

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            I love Nhu Y. Haven't been to Pho Tay Ho yet, will definitely check out! thanks for the recommendations!