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Jan 3, 2010 02:14 PM

Food/Wine/Beer Suggestion Midpoint Dedmam/Salem MA

Friends of ours just bought a house in Dedham MA and we are going to the North Shore/Salem this weekend. We'd like to meet them for something dinner/brunch/glass of wine/beer. I'm not sure what the midpoint between those to places are but would love to hear some suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. The midway point is Boston, isn't it?

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    1. re: justbeingpolite

      I'm not sure if Boston is the midpoint but when I looked at on Yahoo maps it seemed like it was around Woburn but I'm sure I don't know the area as well as many people on here.

      1. re: thaichile

        OK, well what kind of dinner did you have in mind? Are you looking for more of a bar with food, or a nice restaurant that serves wine and beer? Any particular ethnicity?
        Upscalish, but out of Boston, could go to Burlington for L'Andana, Summer Winter or the Capitol Grille. Set on Woburn but willing to do Chinese at a restaurant with a full bar, then how about Sichuan Garden 2? There's a recent thread on the Showcase Cinema in Woburn with some other options.

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          The priority would the equitable distance for both parties. It could be brunch on a Sunday even.

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            Dim Sum at the New China Pearl in Woburn?

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              That sounds like a possibility. Thanks.

    2. You could consider brunch at Masa in Woburn. We've really enjoyed it the few times we've been, and it's gotten positive (albeit not very many) reviews on this board.

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          I saw Masa but I have read some very mixed reviews but it is an idea. Thanks