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Jan 3, 2010 01:49 PM

Is it possible to find 'nduja in Atlanta?

I fell in love with 'nduja (very spicy Calabrian spreadable salami) when we were in Rome last year. We had it on a pizza, but it is also sometimes used in pasta sauce or just spread on toasted bread. Does anyone know if there is a place here in Atlanta to purchase it?

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  1. Hi Maestrette,

    Just read your post. You can't get nduja in Atlanta or in the US. The FDA has regs that won't allow it, unfortuately. I've looked into it and I am as disapointed as you. I ordered some in a jar from a food site in Italy and they actually shipped it, but it was expensive and the shipping was high. The E 48th Street Market carries a condimento called "Calabrese Bomba" (and they also make their own version there) - it's not nduja and is made from minced eggplant, hot calabrese peppers and some other stuff but it comes as close to the taste of nduja as you can get around here. Worth a try.

    There is a cool YouTube video showing how to make fileja pasta with nduja, ricotta and pistachios. I would include a link here but don't know if will be cut. Check it out by using that information.


    1. While visiting San Francisco, I saw it listed on the Boccalone menu (Chris Cosentino is the owner). follow the below link to ordering.

      1. You can find 'nduja at Pricci restaurant.
        500 Pharr Rd. NE

        We can serve it anyway you want!

        Photo from our cooler attached...