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Jan 3, 2010 01:10 PM

Food Delivery After Surgery

Can anyone recommend a meal delivery service for the UES? A family member will be recovering from cancer surgery and I would like to send a week's worth of meals. Thanks!

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  1. First find out from the Dr. what kind of diet the family member should be on.
    Very important to the healing process.

    Check out Eli's - 80th and Third Ave.
    also Citarella's - 75th and Third Ave.

    1. Why don’t you check with the dietician on staff, probably memorial Im guessing. They probably have a service they recommend, and one that will give them a proper nutritional consult. There is a ton of places on the upper east side that can provide delivery, but there are usually specific requirements for post surgical diets.. ie.. no seeds, possible soft even a liquid diet for a period of time. Every doctor and person is different

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