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Jan 3, 2010 12:57 PM

Where to buy lardons in Philly area?

Over the holidays, I was fortunate enough to receive the Complete Robuchon cookbook. I'm ready to dive into cooking a lot of the recipes... but the one complicating factor is that a lot of the recipes are calling for the use of lardons. I went to one local butcher shop north of Philadelphia, but they didn't have them (nor were they willing to help). Any other ideas on which butcher shops carry those or are willing to make some for you? I would appreciate any thoughts!! Thanks!

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  1. I usually buy slab bacon (in my case at the Lancaster County Market in Wayne, PA) and cut my own. There must be some shop at the Italian Market or RTM that sells slab bacon. Or any traditional German butcher.

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      Ditto - It takes no time to make them.

      1. If you don't mind straying a bit from the recipes, you could get some pancetta - which is often easier to find.

        1. exactly. you can also use fatback. if you buy slab bacon, make sure that it hasn't been smoked at all. i bet the butcher had minimal experience with non-typical recipes. if i were you, i would go back to the same one and ask her/him for slab bacon and fatback and explain what it is to them. might as well make it easier for the next person who comes in.....

          also, you wouldn't want to buy pre-cut lardons anyway. it is better to cut your own fresh (like everything else).

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            Why would you want unsmoked fatback or bacon for a lardon? Ones l have made or used were smoked, granted in Europe, maybe different here.

          2. Thanks for the help everybody! I think I should be in good shape then if I find the unsmoked slab bacon (since that's what the cookbook suggested).

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              I don't know anywhere that sells unsmoked slab bacon.

              That said, you should just make it yourself by purchasing a piece of pork belly (check the meat counter at Big 8 supermarket on Washington) and curing it for a week. Should only cost you about $1.89/lb. I buy whole bellies from them and make my own smoked bacon and pancetta.

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                We've split a discussion of making homemade bacon and pancetta to the Home Cooking board: