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Jan 3, 2010 11:50 AM

ayce sushi revisted.....

i know it's been discussed a few times and people one here aren't really down with ayce but i'd like to know where the different spots stack up....

i think the best i've been to so far has been ten ichi in scarborough, food and service are really good for an ayce option.

sushi island on college used to be awesome but with their recently changed menu, i don't think i'll be going any more.

momiji (mississauga location) has also been good but service is hit and miss.

prince sushi (mississauga) has always been a safe bet, although the sushi rice has been overcooked a couple times.

tokyo maki sushi (brampton), i got canned salmon in a roll, nuff said...

masa (yonge & wellesley) was pretty good, but i haven't been there in a while and i heard it sucks now too.

there's been a few others here and there, tho none really worth mentioning. i've heard good things about bon echo (yonge & davisville) but never been. i'd like to know if there are any other good ayce options out there....


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  1. You've probably already seen these threads, but just in case: (this is the longest and oldest, but has lots of newer posts


    1. Here's my two-cents:

      Ten Ichi is solid, good selection, nice decor, decent service, unfortunately it's only AYCE at dinner or weekend lunch, weekday lunch it's strictly Bento / A la Carte, but they do have teppenyaki tables, and some teppan items are available as part of the AYCE list. I used to be a serious almost weekly regular here, but after being turned away and told I need reservations despite them being literally 90% empty one Friday evening at 6pm (shame on you, Alex) I don't bother anymore.

      Sushi on 7 - used to be even better, and it's much too tiny and jammed like sardines, but the food is pretty solid quality and it's one of the better places around for good AYCE food.

      Hyakka - is ok, some items weak, some great (like the addictive grilled beef teriyaki that I'm sure is laced with crack or heroin or something, because I can't stop eating it). Not great, but ok.

      Wasabe - forget it, actual buffet not AYCE by order, and quality suffers accordingly.

      Maison Du Japan - similar to Hyakka, larger than Sushi on 7, hit and miss quality, always crowded, the most uncomfortable chairs anywhere, but a few good items like the "Salmon Wasabe Bombs" (ok, that's just our name for them, I cant remember the proper name).

      VIP Sushi on Yonge - don't bother.

      Aji Sai on Bayview - Really poor quality, horrendous arrogant service.

      Makimono Pickering - very hit and miss. I've had a few very good experiences here, and a couple of really bad ones. Surly owner/manager , but food has been fairly decent for AYCE.

      Maki Sushi in Thornhill - also very good, haven't been in a while, but I still read good things about it. Up there with Sushi on 7 as a couple of the better places for AYCE.

      (that's all I can think of, right now).

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      1. re: TorontoTips


        edit: since my edit function wont work, when i wrote bon echo, i meant echo sushi.

        any input on how echo sushi stacks up to ten ichi, sushi on 7 and maki sushi (thornhill)?

        also, are there any higher end options options around? maybe in the $40-50 range.....

        1. re: chrisfernando100

          We used to go to echo sushi quite a bit but their quality has gone way down. The past 2 times I've gone, the rice was warm and the tempura shrimp tiny. Sushi on 7 is much, much better but quite a drive from us so we don't go very often. Since we discovered Zen, no other Japanese food even comes close. I understand it's not AYCE, but if you got a tempura dinner and a jyo sushi (or tokyu-jyo if you want to upgrade a bit), you'd pay $40-50 and you'd be bursting at the seams.

      2. Masa is really basic, with lots of room, attentive service, table cloths, low noise, CENTRAL (Yonge - Bloor), and abut $10 Mon to Thurs lunch.

        I never expect the world from AYCE/Buffets, but for the money, it is very decent.