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Jan 3, 2010 11:46 AM

International Food Market, NJ

I remember reading on these boards about a very large international food supermarket somewhere in NJ. I realize there are several, but I am looking for one of the larger ones. Can anyone help? I've tried the search function with few results.

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  1. Maybe it was Corrado's in Clifton?

    I know there have been threads on here in the past and it's sort of an international market...

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    1. re: hungrykids

      That wasn't it. The one I'm looking for has an aisle or section for each country.

    2. There were two places that had International Market, or similar, attached to their name, sadly, both have been closed if you were a was a Chinese owned Supermarket located in Jersey City called International Food Mart, that I believe is now a Target Store......the other was International Passport Foods or International Food Warehouse, located in Lodi, which has recently been closed and I believe the new store will be a Korean supermarket.

      What type of ethic foods are you looking for?

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        The international food warehouse in Lodi sort of moved around the corner, in the same building. they have fruits and veggies in a room outside of the main building, and the main building has a very abbreviated version of what the place used to be like.

        if there's any other market in north jersey that specializes in a wide variety of international foods i'd be curious. we have a good selection of korean, japanese, and latino markets, which is nice.

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          I did not know that. Are the newer digs inside where the produce market was/is....or has a newer revamped space been made. I've been to the Food Warehouse in the past, but I was not a big fan for anything other than the dry goods and fresh bread. The produce operator was terrible.

          I haven't heard much chatter about the location in months. the last I heard, the Indian food stand was still operating.....I can't imagine how though without any foot traffic.

          1. re: fourunder

            they moved the food into the big space in the back where they sell all of that cheap crap (some of which is quite good!). It's hardly worth a trip, unless you want to get a deal on some towels or colored plates. Nothing fresh, just dry goods.

      2. There's an International Food Market right over the NJ border into Rockland County on route 59 in Spring Valley, NY. I've never been there, so I can't vouch for it, but maybe this is what you were thinking of?

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        1. re: mom22tots

          old thread, but that place is closed

        2. The best one that I knew of was the long-lost lamented Foodmart International in Jersey City, as Fourunder mentioned. That place was awesome, and had aisles devoted to foods from various regions/countries. It was next to the Holland Tunnel and it's probably what the OP (Comtech5) was thinking of. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when they were (allegedly) kicked out so that Target could move in. Most people incorrectly referred to it as International Foodmart but it was actually called Foodmart International (or Food Mart International).

          F.I. also had locations in North Bergen (which is also gone) and off of Route 1 in Linden (I seriously doubt it's still there either, but not 100% sure). Neither was as impressive as the JC location. After some Googling, I'm 98% sure that the Spring Valley NY location (if it actually still exists) that Mom22Tots mentions is the same chain (and possibly the last remaining outpost of this chain, again, assuming it exists).

          Here is their ancient website, which apparently hasn't been updated since 2001!

          1. No where near the caliber as those (now closed) locations but the Wegman's international food section has a surprisingly large selection of ethnic, cultural choices for the home cook and many items go on sale quite frequently.