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Jan 3, 2010 11:38 AM

What is the correct name for a person that is a specialized meat cutter or curer?

Hi all! I've tried googling this, but my spelling is hopelessly off - no hits!

What is the correct spelling / term for - what I think - is a specialized meat cutter, and maybe also perfects seasonings on meat cuts?

It is something like chartrussiere, but I know that isn't correct. Many thanks!

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  1. are you looking for the french term, charcutier?

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      1. re: soupkitten

        Soupkitten, I've seen this word before (though I did not know it was the answer to the question, LOL) Can you help with the pronunciation now, please?

        1. Thanks a million! I knew I could count on my fellow Hounds! Happy Twenty-Ten!

          1. I think "charcutier" is only for pork --there is also "boucher", a butcher.

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              the literal translation to english of the word charcutier is "pork butcher," however this name has come to mean a specialist who does all manner of charcuterie, including sausages, terrines, pates and meat curing, no matter what type of animal the meat comes from. "boucher" is a more generalized meat cutting specialist who does not do as much finishing work.

            2. In Italiano: Salumieri or Macellieri
              En Fran├žais: Charcutier or Boucher
              In English: Butcher or "Sausage Dude" ;) adam

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                Auf Deutsch:

                butcher = metzger
                butcher shop = metzgerei
                sausage maker = Wursthersteller

                1. re: PolarBear

                  While we're at it, in Spanish:
                  Butcher: carnicero
                  Butcher store: carniceria
                  Sausage maker: fabricante de salchichas