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Jan 3, 2010 10:17 AM

Need "spoon" hors d'oeuvre ideas

In advance of an upcoming casual cocktail party and the euphoria of after-Christmas sales, I purchased 28 little won-ton soup spoons...thinking I'd put clever little hors de'oeuvres in them for the party.

Well, I can't think of anything -- aside from a tuna tartare or ceviche...and I'm pretty sure I'd be the only person at the party that would enjoy those items. :)

I'd love any suggestions!

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    1. re: middydd

      Love it! Thanks! This crew will love "vodka-infused" anything. :)

    2. a little summery but gazpacho or vichyssoise

      or a goat cheese/black bean dip sprinkled with some tortilla shards.

      ratatouille with grated parmesan on top

      borscht have 28 spoons for how many people and how many options?

      1. Creamed spinach with bacon bits.
        Cheese fondue on a crouton.
        Lobster bisque with lobster chunks.
        Cucumber soup.
        Cold black bean salad with onion and sour cream.
        Boston baked beans with a tiny hunk of braised pork belly.
        Collard greens with ham.
        Split pea soup with ham.
        Tiny meat balls with red sauce and cheese.
        Bocconcini (mozzarella balls) that've been marinated.
        Smoked salmon and fresh tuna salad with wasabi mayonnaise.
        Lobster- or pork belly-stuffed won tons in a bit of truffle broth.

        Whip a half cup of heavy cream until it gets pretty stiff without being buttery -- do not sweeten. Instead season this with salt and pepper and fold in chopped cooked shrimp that's had some of the moisture squeezed out of it, a little Dijon mustard and some snipped chives. Put a dollop in each spoon and top with caviar.

        1. How about a swirled nest of cold sesame noodles; or a bit of chinese chicken salad; or some canned Italian tuna with white beans, capers, chopped red onion, and fresh basil; or eggplant caponata; or a mini potato pancake topped with creme fraiche and caviar, or smoked salmon...the ideas are endless!