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Jan 3, 2010 09:48 AM

Need To Make Creme Fraiche...

...Have buttermilk but dont have heavy cream. Can I use 1/2 & 1/2?

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  1. right ingredients, wrong ratio. and unfortunately, to actually *make* creme fraiche you need at least 24 hours to let it ripen. for future reference it's 1 tablespoon buttermilk per cup of heavy cream.

    in the meantime, if you have sour cream or full-far Greek yogurt in the house, that may work depending on the application - what are you making?

    1. I have added buttermilk to half and half and it made something that's not as thick as the heavy cream creme fraiche, but it didn't break in soups and made them creamy. I called it creme fraiche but the purists wouldn't.

      Hope this helps.

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        Just a theory, but maybe you could do this and then hang in a cheesecloth to let the excess moisture drip out and thicken it to the normal consistency of creme fraiche.

      2. Thanks very much. For a potato gratin recipe in this month's COTM I needed a small amount of creme fraiche. (the recipe for the CF is given in the book) It was snowing mightily here today and DH did not want to go to the market for heavy cream to mix with buttermilk to make creme fraiche. Many thanks for your advise. I really appreciate it.

        1. is there a difference between homemade sour cream and creme fraiche? I've made what I'd call sour cream with 1 T buttermilk (or yogurt) per cup of heavy cream; how much it set up depended primarily on how much fat was in the cream (this was back when I could get double cream) and how long I let it sit.

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            I am thinking you made the same thing. Sour Creams found in stores are much more tart than creme fraiche, at least from what I have heard. If you have been making what you call sour cream, it can also pass for creme fraiche, because the recipe is the same.

            Making cheese has been one of my projects for years, I just never got around to do until now.