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Jan 3, 2010 09:42 AM

Boston Convention Center - Fort Point Area

I am trying to plan dinner for a group of librarians (10 or so) coming mid-January for a conference at the new Convention Center. They won't want to move their cars or walk too far or pay too much. I had thought Brandy Pete's on Franklin Street but it is closed on Saturdays. Sel de la Terre/Sportello probably too expensive. Elephant and Castle ideal but too far. Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you.

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  1. Check out Lucky's or new pub called Barlow on A street

      1. re: justbeingpolite

        Curious about Barlow's...I read the link...and wasn't impressed with the "cold and not worth the money" comment. I definitely vote for Lucky's! They have those VERY deep booths off to the right and I love the duck burger!!!

        1. re: justbeingpolite

          I've been to Barlow's a few times and am rooting for it, but wouldn't recommend it for dinner, at least not yet. I thought the food was boring and not very well done. It's somewhat similar to Audobon Circle, but more expensive and not as tasty.

          I keep hoping they'll add some cheap specials or maybe rotate in a new chef, because everything else about the place I liked: the interior is great, everyone was friendly, etc. And I'll definitely be back for a drink.

        2. I live near the BCEC and would definitely recommend the Channel Cafe on Summer St. It's a good place for a big group: good, homemade food that's not that expensive with good options for vegetarians, and it's a big, open space that's usually not-too-crowded for dinner. Also, it's in an interesting space which also houses a gallery for work by Fort Point artists.

          If you do go, after dinner cross the street and walk down the stairs that lead to A St. There's an interesting installation a couple of artists put up before Christmas (which will be there through at least Feb): they hung little blue LED lights on the underside of the bridge.

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          1. re: vitaminQ

            Channel Cafe is a good idea, thank you. I had only been there for lunch and didn't realize it was open for dinner. I walked over to investigate Lucky's tonight and while it might be fine, I hated the idea of taking out of towners to a dark basement. The Atlantic Beer Garden was very welcoming but I was afraid it would be too noisy. Sportello looked awesome but too expensive for this group, some of whom are unemployed.

            1. re: BlueDevil

              I worked in Fort Point for over six years and have made my rounds to the area restaurants more than a few times.
              Channel Cafe is the one place that I have continued going back to after leaving the area. It's unique, the food is perfection and it's just a really cool place overall.
              St. Alphonzo's on A Street is also really, really excellent food but the space is small so I would call ahead first to see if they can accomodate you.
              Atlantic Beer Garden gets extremely noisy and is a favorite happy hour hangout for people that work in the area.
              I also like Amrheins in Southie, on the corner of A Street and is typically pretty good but I'v had a couple mediocre experiences. Nice bar, etc though and doesn't get loud. They also have a parking lot for patrons.

              1. re: BlueDevil

                the channel cafe is a little gem.

                both the food and service at the beer garden are pretty bad.

            2. LTK, Legal Test Kitchen might be a good choice. If they are from out of town they would get their fix of Boston seafood. It is a nice, upbeat place that's not too pricey.

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              1. re: pemma

                IMO the food at LTK is generally mediocre and not worth the $$. It's not that cheap. Plus it also can get really loud.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  I agree about LTK. It gets really loud in the evening (again, another popular happy hour spot for people in the area) and the food has been hit or miss for me.

                  1. re: BellatrixStar

                    Each time I've gone there I've gotten the same things -- the mix and match combo with cod, shangdung sauce, sauteed spinach and potatoes au gratin and it was always good and only costs about $16. My companions have always been pleased with their food. I like the lively atmosphere and I think it would be good for a group. The food isn't super-gourmet, but it's good and the fish is fresh and you can get out of there without breaking the bank.

                    1. re: pemma

                      I've ordered different things and they've ranged from send-back bad to pretty good. The average is just ok. I do like the bar and the bartenders have been pleasant and good at their jobs.

                      I havent been on a Saturday night but on some nights it has been pretty crazy at dinnertime.

                      I'm in the minority here, but you might check out The Barking Crab.

                      1. re: C. Hamster

                        Unless it was in the summer I would take LTK over the Barking Crab.

                        1. re: pemma

                          The roaring fire there is actually pretty nice.

              2. I'd definitely go to the Channel Cafe before LTK. The Channel Cafe is very cool, the food is excellent, and it's got that chic artists vibe that I think your librarian friends will enjoy. It also helps support the artists in the area, instead of going to some corporate chain.

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                1. re: mwk

                  AGREED, AGREED! Channel is so great and you said it better than I did. Also, it's definitely a short walk from the Convention Center especially in the cold.