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Jan 3, 2010 09:37 AM

Finally tried "25 Degree's" Burgers....

Yesterday we tried 25 Degree's for Burgers in Hollywood. I've read numerous rave reviews about this spot. I ordered the #3 burger and my girlfriend created her own. Out comes the greasiest burger you could imagine, once you cut it in half your burger sits in a soup of grease. I couldn't get over this. Plus we split the half n half, onion rings & fries along with a shake. The total for this was around $45.00, please explain the hype to this place. Is Lucky Devil similar to this experience for the burger search around Hollywood?



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  1. Same here. Tried the Huntington Beach location. The service was slow and not very attentive... more importantly, the burger was as greasy as you described, mushy, and almost completely flavorless. However, the onion rings were the best I've ever had, and *almost* a good enough reason to go back.

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      Lucky Devils served my boyfriend a raw burger! It looked like a spicy tuna roll--we haven't been back since.

      UMAMI BURGER!!! YUMYUM! Their turkey miso burger is amazing too :P

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      1. Try Umami burger, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I really like their lamb burger and their Manly Burger (Bacon and Cheese) It's been good every-time I've gone.

        Umami Burger
        4655 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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          Unami is rather greasy/ overly rich as well

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            I'd tend to disagree on the greasy part - it *is* rich, but that's kinda the whole point of a restaurant named after the flavor of savor. I thought Umami Burger was fantastic (also, good onion rings).

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              I feel a burger shouldn't be that rich. What makes a great burger is quality meat with the right balance of richness and juiciness cooked rare. I feel that while Umami went a little nuts with the richness part they lack that good beef juciness I desire. So far my favorite burger in the city (and I have not tried 8oz yet it's next on the list) is Colombo's Steakhouse in Eagle Rock cooked rare.

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                Rare, huh? I love rare steak, but on a burger? I think mid-rare is the way to go, you lose to much texture on a rare burger, especially on the thicker ones.


                1. re: AAQjr

                  prod a little closer to med rare but if you tell most kitchens rare on a burger that's what you usually get. If I say med rare most times they leave me no red/pink middle. I know it's risky but you only live once. Actually I should say my fav burgers are at home but that's another story.

        2. The service is horrendous - they might have the most dimwitted apathetic staff of any restaurant I've ever visited, I loathe the "atmosphere", which is particularly trashy in Huntington beach, BUT the burger is thick, juicy, perfectly cooked, brimming with flavor and I crave it. I tried the #1 burger a few months ago and could not stop thinking about it until I finally had another this weekend. The onion rings are the best I've ever had. Few foods have that kind of power but their #1 burger has "it" and it's enough to make me put a clothespin on my nose and endure everything else that comes with visiting this establishment, so I must tip my hat to them from a culinary perspective. From a restaurant logistics perspective, it is amazingly incompetent. If I didn't know better, I could easily get the impression that the concept of a restaurant is completely foreign to the owners.

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          1. re: OC Mutt

            What you describe as grease is what I call flavor. Sorry…I hate those dry flavorless 85/15 ground beef burgers cook medium that so many restaurants offer. I HATE IT!!

            25 Degrees is one of the rare places that creates a burger like I would at home...but way better. I love all the different gourmet cheeses and sauces they offer that I would rarely ever do at home.

            Strangely enough, I ate breakfast AND lunch at the HB location today.

            I started with the Chorizo Quesadilla, then dove into the perfectly battered and fried tempura green beans, then ate the chili honey wings which were so tasty and tender the meat fell of the bones. I also had the sweet potato fries and onion rings and the number one burger. I have been to 25 degrees in HB numerous times and love taking friends who have never been there. As usual, my friend was amazed at how good this burger was. He told me flat out it was the best burger he ever had.

            I attached pics of my lunch.

            I do really LOVE the pecan milkshake at Lucky Devils though. The burger are just okay.

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                Wow! And I'm sure the pics don't do that burger justice. Looks absolutely amazing! I must try it. I find the burgers at Muldoon's and Houston's incredible, but 25 degrees looks superior. Hearing about the service debacles on numerous posts, I'll expect absolutely poor service, made up for a great meal. Too bad, because in my opinion service is just as important as the food. Thanks for the pics!

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                To the OP and cdmedici: Are you guys talking about excessive juice (i.e., beef-flavored water) or excessive grease (rendered fat)? I don't know who wouldn't like tender and flavorfully juicy burgers, but they can be unpleasant when made with cheap, watery beef that hasn't been aged properly. On the other hand, if the OP's "soup of grease" is melted beef (or other, added) fat, then I'm with him. Although I agree with cdmedici's argument against 85/15 ground beef cooked medium and love the smooth taste of beef fat, I don't want a swimming pool of the heavy, burpy stuff soaking through the bun (and, in some cases, I've read, all the way to the center of the Earth).

                1. re: cdmedici

                  you would have loved the local burger joint at my college.
                  the 'recipe' for the meat was to grind up muscle tissue with beef fat in the ratio of 60% meat and 40% fat.
                  everyone loved the thing.
                  i worked in the hot dog stand across the street and was grateful that i didn't have their grill to clean.

              3. I've only been to the Hollywood one and my experience was positive. Of course this was like 2am on a weekday, so it wasn't exactly crowded. I wasn't expecting much but the burger was quite good. How many 24 hour joints are out there that serve decent burgers?