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Jan 3, 2010 09:08 AM

Where can I buy Indian spices in bulk in DC?

I'm looking for a place to buy Indian spices and other groceries here in the District. I used to live in Cambridge, MA and there were at least three within walking distance from my house--now I'm at a loss. I'd honestly prefer not to make the trek to Northern Virginia, but am open to all recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. on 355 in rockville on the left side of the street going north -- it's hungerford drive there, i believe -- is patel brothers. in a rinky-dink shopping center that had the relocated magruder's there and a kfc in front, i believe. i loved them! then back towards dc on the same side not far from cuban corner and across from car wash was another. fyi, behind south of the border across from congressional plaza is a landmine if you care to try it. on the end is world market which has all things russian and eastern european -- fabulous pastries that willh have you licking your fingernails clean! -- and an iranian market and cafe that's just plain wonderful! you can take the red line to twinbrook and walk or catch a bus north. try the samosas at patel bros!! it was the very last thing i stopped for when i moved away.

    1. From 2006, see the discussion of Langley Park/Takoma Park:

      1. Not in DC, but I live right outside in Hyattsville, MD and there is a Patel Brothers on university blvd(it's a mile or 2 from UMD)