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Jan 3, 2010 09:08 AM

Where to buy chilies in Chicago?

Does anyone know where to buy a variety of chilies in Chicago? I am looking for something other than habaneros or jalapenos, specifically bird's eye chilies, but I would be up for other varieties as well. Thanks

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  1. Usually any of the larger Hispanic or Asian grocers will have a very decent selection for you. If you have no specific area you'd like to concentrate on finding them:
    Super Hmart in Niles, and Cermak Produce on Cicero around 22nd are two of the many places I know of to find a very good selection of chiles. If you'd afford what area you'd like to check first, you might get some responses closer to the area you'd like. Bird's eyes shouln't be that hard to find. A very similar (or same, perhaps?) chile in a hispanic grocer will be called chile pequin.

    1. Danny's Groceries on Western Avenue, just south of Fullerton should have what you are looking for.

      1. If you can name a neighborhood we might be more helpful. Meanwhile, I recommend Tony's Finer Foods, a huge Hispanic supermarket with everything. Two branches are 1) Central Park & Fullerton and 2) Elston & Hamlin. There are a couple of other branches; consult phone book.

        1. On the south side: Any of the 5 Pete's Market locations.