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Jan 3, 2010 08:22 AM

ISO whole coconuts (Rockville/Bethesda)

Does anyone have recommendations on where I might purchase whole coconuts in the Rockville/Bethesda, MD area? Thanks -

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  1. I've seen them at the Wheaton and Rockville Safeways from time to time, but not consistently. Giant stocks them sometimes, I think...

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    1. re: szeglin

      I've struck out at at Giant and Safeway...trying Shoppers as that sometimes works...

      1. re: carolbethesda

        Have you tried Whole Foods? I've never noticed them there myself, but I may have overlooked 'em. Seems like a likely place to try.

        1. re: carolbethesda

          Have you checked the Safeway on Old Georgetown right by the metro? I see them there fairly regularly.

      2. I saw some at Lotte on Ga. Ave recently.

        1. We just buy them at any Giant store. The last one we got was rotten! The white meat was awful, soft and smelled of mold very strongly. That was a first for us. A few months ago we got one there and it was rotten as well, but no mold. Just soft, awful coconut meat. Makes you really appreciate the good ones when you get them. I LOVE coconut meat but my wife says they're bad for wise.