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Great Thai in Boston or Brookline?

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I've been searching for great consistently good Thai in Boston or Brookline. So far I've tried Thai Basil, Island Hopper, Bangkok Blue and King and I. I'd say King and I was probably the best of the bunch so far but none have been good enough to make us want to become repeat costumers. I've heard really good things about Rod Dee but it isn't in the city so I'd like to find something closer but if that really is the best we would make the trip (isn't that far after all!). Any ideas?

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  1. What is your favorite Thai dish? I ask because it would help me (and others) to determine your criteria. Are you a seafood claypot fan? are the fishcakes your litmus test?

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      Rod Dee is in Coolidge Corner and Washington Square, both are on Beacon Street. Khao Sarn in Coolidge Corner and Bok Dua, both on Harvard Ave in Brookline are also very good.

    2. I like Montien in the Theater District/edge of Chinatown. Be sure to ask for the Thai menu.

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        agree about montien. they also have a good selection of wines that actually compliment the food too.

      2. The two Rod Dees (Brookline), S&I Thai (Allston), Dok Bua (Brookline).


        1. did you ask for the thai menu at bangkok blue?

          i had a nice pad ka pow moo krob (crispy fried pork belly with basil leaves in chili sauce) rice plate there last week. the pork belly was cooked perfectly. the skin was crisp, the fat melted in your mouth, and the meat was soft and tender

          i also like s&i thai in allston, montien in the theatre district, rod dee in brookline, and pad thai cafe on boylston street. make sure to order off the thai menu and specify that you want the food prepared "thai style"

          1. I was very disappointed with the food at the Washington Sq. Rod Dee. Didn't hold a candle to the CC location's chow, IMO.

            Chili Duck across from the Pru is better than Thai Basil or Bangkok Blue, IMO. ANd yes, the Thai menu at BB is worth asking for.

            1. Right now, S&I Thai is my favorite.

              The last few times I went to Dok Bua, the food was good, but not as good as visits from over a year ago.

              Rod Dee is always good. They don't have the menu that S&I and Dok Bua have, but what they make, they make very well.

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                Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like Dok Bua, S&I and Rod Dee are worth a try. Sorry to complicate matters but out of these are any of them good for sitting down or are they all more of take out spots? If they are take out spots are there any sit down thair restaurants you all recommend?

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                  Dok Bua is a sit down restaurant, with actual dishes and silverware. There is a tea urn and cups up front, serve yourself some nice hot tea. Rod Dee on the inbound side of Beacon has more seating and is larger than the one on the outbound side. They both use styrofoam containers and plastic dishes. Haven't been to S&I yet, and I'm also interested to hear what their set up is. Kao Sarn is a beautiful room, and fancier than the forementioned places. Brown Sugar is very good, also a sit down very nice space, if a little crowded.

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                    S&I has a few tables. For a sit down meal, it's fine with me, but others might not agree. I'll put it this way, if I were on a first date, I'd go to Dok Bua. If it was the second date and I knew that the date put food above ambiance, we'd go to S&I.

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                      First date? Khao Sarn. Food not quite as good as Dok Bua but very good, especially if you stick to the right dishes. Plus - liquor license. "Candy is dandy..." dontcha know. ;-)

                      (And yes, I know Dok Bua is quietly brown baggable, but that's just not the way to make the right impression on a first date).

              2. Try Bamboo on Commonwealth Ave Brighton near the corner of Washington. Haven't been for some months but they always have excellent and very fresh Thai.

                1. I would suggest Brown Sugar on Commonwealth. While staying at a place on Naples Street for a while, we were equally close to Brown Sugar and Dok Bua. I thought that there's no comparison.

                  The few times I tried Rod Dee (one on the westbound side of Beacon) I was not mightily impressed either. Don't know why, since both Rod Dee and Dok Bua have a huge following here.

                  Question to all - are we not ordering the right things? I've heard a number of times about asking for their Thai menus, but never tried. We were in Thailand a year and a half ago and loved the food there, neither Dok Bua, nor Rod Dee ever came close (nor did Brown Sugar for that matter, nor did a really nice Thai place called Tamarind House that we used to frequent in Cambridge).