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Jan 3, 2010 07:55 AM

Morgan Hill Updates?

Anything not to be missed? I searched and searched and couldn't find a lot on here about Morgan Hill. We are mostly looking for lunch/dinner places, but if there's a breakfast spot we should know about, we're up for that too. We'll be there on a Saturday and Sunday. Any cuisine will do . . . Thanks everybody.

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  1. The spot in Morgan Hill that I really want to try is Sangria's. Here's a report from last month,

    1. I've read that Betsy's Restaurant & Lounge might be the best breakfast choice in Morgan Hill. The chile verdy seems to be a popular thing to order at breakfast, though it isn't on the menu.

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        We made it to Betsy's between soccer matches. Given that it was around 11 am, some of us opted for lunch and some for breakfast. Betsy's is tucked in next to the bowling alley, in the back of a shopping center off Tennant Avenue - not the most obvious place to find, but pretty easy with good parking.

        We had a group of eight and were fortunate to get seated quickly at their very large corner booth. Two checks? No problem. One of our group started asking lots of questions about the chile verde - was it spicy, etc.? - and the busser actually brought out a sample for her to try before we ordered. I couldn't pass it up after tasting the sample. Came with two eggs, beans (or hash browns or country potatoes - but I had to go with the beans), and two flour tortillas. The pork was cooked perfectly - it was tender but not dry. The sauce was only mildly spicy. Beans were the perfect side. I would definitely order it all again.

        Other orders at our table; mushroom and avocado omelet - filled with lots of large fresh avo slices; BLT with nice thick bacon pieces and real lettuce with some tooth to it, not just iceberg or a wilted piece of leaf lettuce; french dip - pronounced "OK, but could use more seasoning with fries; grilled ham and cheese with bacon (OK, she's 11 with slightly different tastes); chef salad with honey mustard dressing; and a california club (had avo and bacon). Sandwiches come with onion rings or fries. The onion rings were breaded with fairly large crumbs - almost panko-type? The fries were declared "good" by teenage critics. The chef salad again had a nice lettuce mix. The meats and cheeses were pretty standard deli fare, but overall it was pretty good. Service was confident and efficient, with a good mix of sass thrown in. We would definitely go back when we're in Morgan Hill again.

        We also made it to Trail Dust BBQ on Monterey Street. The baby back ribs practically melted off the bone. The chicken was a little moister than I like it when it's smoked - but that could be a personal preference. Baked potatoes were large and fluffy - served with butter, sour cream, and chives. Could have used some bacon or cheese according to the teenage critics, but still quite good. The cole slaw was nice and tangy, a good palate cleanser, and not overly full of mayo like some can be. Potato salad was made with red potatoes and included boiled eggs. The garlic bread was a happy surprise - instead of the expected white bread with butter and garlic brushed on it and grilled, this was more like a pugliese bread that was halved, brushed with butter and garlic, then grilled. It really had some body to the bread.

        The bottled beer selection was extensive and just the right thing to accompany the smoky BBQ. Our server (who also happens to be the beer buyer) recommended a Hop Head red ale by Green Flash Brewing that was very good.

        We didn't order the pulled pork, which was their Saturday night special - if we were to go back, we would probably try it. I'd skip the chicken, but definitely get the ribs again.

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          Thanks not only for reporting back,but for such a terrific report. It looks like from the website Trail Dust will be onpening another bbq

      2. We were in Morgan Hill en route to some wine tasting and had lunch at the Trail Dust BBQ. I think this might win the prize for the best barbecue in Santa Clara County at this time. When we parked in the back and saw and smelled the smokers going, that was a good sign indeed. We had the pulled pork sandwich and boneless St. Louis rib sandwich and both were excellent. The beans on the side were OK but nothing special. I'll have to make it back here for dinner sometime to get the full effect, but lunch was very delicious!


        Trail Dust BBQ Joint
        17240 Monterey St, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

        1. We have a new cheesesteak joint called A-Jay's. A-Jay's opened in the old El Rincon location on Second Street a couple of months ago. I have very little experience in the world of cheesesteaks, so I'm unable to deliver an opinion as to the authenticity of those that they serve here.

          Having said that, I just love their sandwiches. Though they're moist and juicy, they're not greasy or gooey at all. They make several versions of cheesesteaks, and my favorite is the "South County", with garlic and mushrooms. Their burgers are excellent, and come served on an artisan bun. One version is a "cheesesteak burger", with sliced steak, peppers, onions and cheese atop a hamburger patty! The onion rings are crisp and hold together well, and the french fries are well made, too. Their chicken wings, they say, are made from fresh not frozen chicken. I had some lemon pepper ones which were delectable and un-greasy.

          So in short, everything that's bad for you is good here. The line is frequently out the door since the day they opened.

          17400 Monterey St., Ste 1F (actually on 2nd street around the corner)
          Morgan Hill, CA 95037
          (408) 779-0088

          El Rincon
          2700 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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            Sounds good - maybe next time! Adding a link...

            A-Jay's Cheese Steaks
            17400 Monterey St #1F, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

          2. Another recent addition to the dining scene is Odeum Mediterranean restaurant. It opened a few weeks ago in the Mangia La Pizza location. Same great setting of course- excellent food with an emphasis on Greek offerings- very good wine list with some local offerings as well- recommended!

            Mangia La Pizza
            17500 Depot St, Morgan Hill, CA 95037