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Jan 3, 2010 07:30 AM

REAL homemade chorizo.......!!!!!

i need a place to buy real portuguese-style chorizo in the boston,NH or ME area. any suggestions?

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  1. In Hudson, MA near the rotary on 85, I think it's Central Market. The Portuguese I used to work with in Boston would get theirs from there, and they lived in E. Cambridge. If you go Silva's bakery makes good Portuguese breads and pasries, and they have cheese and sausage. You can have a meal at the Portuguese club too.

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      The Central Street market is on Rt 62 (Central Street) north of the rotary past where 85 and 62 split. Rt 85 actually leaves on the right side at the "Y" intersection. Stay slightly left, and you are on 62 by default.

    2. The Smokehouse in Nowell, MA. As authentic as it gets.

      1. I could certainly be wrong, but isn't the Portugese stuff called chourico vs. Spanish/Mexican chorizo?

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          You are correct it is "ChouriƧo" and another one of the many varieties is LinguiƧa.
          And the Spanish and Mexican Chorizo are quite different from each other, and there are many different varieties within each. So when using the word "chorizo" you need to specify which style.

        2. Lowell has several Portuguese/Azorian/Brazilian stores...closer than Hudson, E. Cambridge or Fall River...I just bought Morcella made in Fall River sold in Lowell...and saw a whole case of locally made Brazilian sausage (including the Brazilian take on Chourico).

          Also, if you want cured (not fresh), then Angela's in Manchester carries cured Chorizo.

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            any stores in Lowell in particular?

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              I think it is called "Las Amigos" or something like that, it is on Central Street, just where the road starts to bend west if you are heading south (i.e. coming from the Church Street direction)....not far from Church Street/Battambang Market, and on the same street as the Azorian-American social club if you know that area?

              Anyway, it looks like a convenience store from the outside, but inside there is a small grocery with a large sausage/butcher counter, and they make their own sausage. FYI, they don't carry/make Morcilla, to get that I went a little further down the street to another store (no idea of the name) which carries a lot of the Portugese/Brazilian products from the bakeries/butchers/etc in the Fall River area. Anyway, between the two stores you can pretty much get any Portugese product you need.