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Jan 3, 2010 06:00 AM

The Orange Squirrel, Bloomfield NJ

This may be old news for some but the old saying is better late than never. It was our first time to this fabulous restaurant and hopefully we will get back there soon.
The restaurant is small but the tables are spaced adequately and the attractive bar area is off to a side.

The restaurant is modern, with a smart sleek vibe. The hardwood floors add to this neat space.
We met our good friends here last night for an early reservation and from start to finish the meal was a beautiful mix of flavors and presentation.
Menu is eclectic, a mix of everything including personal pizza to snack on. We all decided to split a pizza and a small pasta that came highly recommended, then order entrees and sides to try a bit of everything.

We each had a taste of the Margherita pizza with carmelized plum tomato, basil and bufala mozzarella. Very tasty and just enough to get us going. Also split an order of Gnudi pasta which the lightest and most tender balls of pasta you can imagine. Came with wild mushrooms, parsley salad and parmesan consommé with a touch of truffle oil. Very special dish unlike any I have had.

Entrees were just as good and they included a huge whole bronzini with a beurre blanc sauce. Medium rare Lamb chops with mint pomegranate glaze and pistachio powder. Two of us ordered the Flintstone sized Veal Milanese, pounded thin and hanging over the large plate. Perfectly tender and not a hint of greasy oil. Came with a arugula, tomato and red onion salad.
The 4 sides ordered were all excellent. We all shared carmelized cippolini onions, fontina mac and cheese, pancetta brussel sprouts and mascarpone polenta.

Totally full and satisfied, we decided to order 1 dessert with 4 spoons. Ordered the “three dirt tasting” which is a trio of layered mousse whose flavors change monthly. Flavors this month were Madagascar vanilla, chocolate pretzel and chocolate cherry. Nice ending to a great meal.
Service from our server (sorry, did not catch his name) was warm, friendly, helpful and he has a nice sense of humor.
Chef – owner Francesco Palmieri is a real talent and if you have not yet tried The Orange Squirrel, I highly recommend you do.

Not exactly sure where Bloomfield fits in the geography map so I’m posting it here and also on the tristate board.
Very easy to find, its just off the GSP. The Orange Squirrel has a liquor license and has a range of wines to fit all budgets. Here is all the information:

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  1. I agree with you Tom 150%. The Orange Squirrel is excellent and I listed the gnudi and Colorado lamb chops as one of the best dishes I had in 2009.

    1. Excellent review tom246. I will definitely add the Orange Squirrel to the list. The DW and I were wondering where you were dining as we didn't see you at Belford on Saturday night. My best to you and the Mrs.

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        Bgut, Happy New Year to you and family. Back from California and had that dinner planned well in advance. Now we're back to the local dining scene :)

        Definitely put The Orange Squirrel on the list. We really enjoyed our experience on Saturday.

      2. The Orange Squirrel is my favorite restaurant. Chef Francesco Palmieri is incredible talented. Every item that comes out of his kitchen is superb. It is a must for dining in 2010. But make reservations - the place is small and fills up fast.