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Jan 3, 2010 12:58 AM


anyone know who serves this in nyc? just tasted it in barcelona and am totally hooked>

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  1. Casa Mono serves a version with clams. It's pretty delicious.

    1. Delicious at La Nacional as well.

      La Nacional
      239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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        You can buy the noodles at Despana (408 Broome in SoHo) along with a lot of other Spanish goodies, great store.

      2. Nobody makes an authentic Fideua in NYC. I am not sure what you had in Barcelona, because even in Spain some places get it wrong. The correct noodle looks like a minature elbow macaroni. Some places use Fideos, which looks like vermicelli. Fideo is not fideua.

        Casa Mono makes a tasty dish, but it is fideo.

        Socarrat actually makes both. The fideo they make in a traditional preparation and the fideua with a squid ink preparation. I find Socarrat to be hit or miss, mostly miss.

        The bottom line is that it is impossible to get a great Paella, let alone Fideua in a restaurant in NYC. You CAN get a good one at my house. ;-). I was taught at my friend's restaurant in Ibiza, by his mother. He is known as El Rey De La Fideua. And yes it is addictive.

        YOu can get the right noodles at Despana. This is good thing, because for years I had to beg people to bring it over.