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Jan 3, 2010 12:48 AM

Gluten free bread in Auckland

Just in case anyone out there is gluten free, I can definitely recommend the bread they make at the Baker's Gallery bakery (1052 Beach Road, Torbay, North Shore -09 473 1161). Unfortunately it's a bit far flung in Auckland's northernmost suburb but worth the drive as the bread is definitely the most palatable GF that I have found so far - infinitely superior to anything I have ever bought at the supermarket and I have tried most of them!

The GF cheese bread is my favourite - very cheesy and it toasts really well and fills the room with a cheesy aroma. They also have pesto, sundried tomato, and plain versions. The consistency is good - neither rubbery nor crumbly.

It's very popular so it can pay to call ahead and order a loaf especially if you are going on the weekend.

In my opinion, this bread is like other GF that I have tried and is best well toasted - a couple of times down in the toaster so it's nice and browned and crispy. I still can't quite get used to GF-bread sandwiches even with this bread!

Does anyone alse in Auckland have any recommendations for good GF bread in the metropolitan area?

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  1. Hey Ssamjang! :) you have not doubt already heard me bang on about this place but Breadman breads are just fantastic. I visited the bakery when I last went to Christchurch - sad but true it was one of my main reasons for visiting Chch as I just love their breads!!!
    The breads are available in lots of health food stores - I normally get mine from Victoria Park New World - but you could always email them to ask where they supply on the shore - probably IE produce I imagine.
    They do mostly breads with gluten but some are gluten free - the Buckwheat and Corn is a really nice dense bread - I have found a lot of gluten free breads a bit "samey" sometimes with a lot of white rice flour used. This one is dry (so again better toasted) but heavier, more like a wholemeal taste.

    They also do a cassava bread - to my mind a bit too much like the ricey breads I have had - but not too bad. Your place in Torbay sounds great will have to try it!!