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Jan 3, 2010 12:14 AM

Hugh's Room

Went to a wedding reception this evening and it was hosted at Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas St W.
My first impression was sort of "oh, we are attending reception in a pub" and I guess we were. However, I love my food and consider myself a foodie so I went in with an open mind.
Glad I did.
They had a few stations set up (pasta), Seafood (Lobster and Shrimp), Red Meat (Lamb and Roast Beef).
I have to say that I was impressed with the food, I tried it all.
They did a good job and all food was done as well as can be expected for a buffet type setting.

I looked at the live talent they have scheduled and I am thinking of going back again when it is operating as a pub.

Do any of you have any experience there and what is the food like normally? TIA

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  1. its not really a pub, it is more like a concert club-don't talk during the entertainment or you will be told to be quiet.

    1. Variable.

      It was quite good for a long time, and then it was quite bad for some time, as well. Now I find it iffy -- some things are good and some things are bad, and it's not often the same things that are good and bad from visit to visit. The steak frites is usually reliable, but occasionally terrible. The salmon is usually terrible and sometimes spectacular. It's all kind of a crapshoot.

      As ingloriouseater noted, however, it's not a pub. It's a live music venue that serves food, and the music is by far the more important thing there. You must buy concert tickets in addition to restaurant reservations. Meals are served before and around the music, conversation and service are kept to a minimum during music, and the expectation is that you're staying right til the end, so you probably won't get a bill until the encore. It's a great environment for the music, but it's important not to go in expecting a more casual drop-in, live-music playing throughout the night pub-type environment; it's more of a dinner theater than anything else.

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        Think of it as an 'upscale' Folk Club, for sure not a 'pub'... I have been several times and I agree with Jacquilynne, the 'food' is really secondary, more than adequate and at times reasonably good. As for not talking during performances, it's really not polite or even acceptable...use your own judgement, same as in a movie theatre or Roy Thompson Hall. I quite like it there and have in fact, considered it for hosting a big party but have usually not thought about more than 50 - 60 guests so for that kind of thing it's a bit too large. I do enjoy Hugh's Room and if you look at their website they have lots of different kinds of 'performers''s a great night out, not fancy but certainly not a pub by any stretch!!

        1. re: pearlD

          Thank you very much for all of the replies. I will be returning as this place feels like it could become an "old shoe" for me. My experience with the food was OK and I hope it continues.

          Hugh's Room
          2261 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6R, CA

          1. re: Poorboy

            I've gone many times over the years, but the most I've ever had was an appetizer of mussels (adequate) and a beer. If you book early enough, you get best available seating, up front. My wife has a salad and table water. Once we bought a bottle of cheap wine (decent markup). Nobody there has ever said a word to me about ordering more, service was great, and I am still sitting upfront (Dec 2009)....

      2. If you're not eating the waitstaff will completely ignore you. They won't take your drink order nor will they remove the empty glasses that accumulate. This is infuriating when you're paying high admission and drink prices. It gives a bad feeling to the experience.