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Jan 2, 2010 08:24 PM


I'll be in Atlanta for a week early in February and I'd go for just about anything authentic -- soul food, a good muffaletta, a bahn mi, dim sum, pho, what else... Lebanese, Indian, Greek perhaps? Is there anything to recommend in Atlanta? Decently priced but real? Does Atlanta have real BBQ even? Or is it just a whole lot more of the same old, same old? Last I was there, I was uninspired.

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  1. Some of my personal favorites for authentic ethnic food in and around Atlanta - Panahar (on Buford Hwy) for Bangladeshi food, Papi's or Palomilla for Cuban, Tasty China in Marietta for Szechuan, Chez Carmelle in Marietta for Haitian, Cafe Alsace in Decatur for Alsatian French, and the Australian Bakery Cafe on the square in Marietta for meat pies. All of these are owned and operated by first-generation immigrants, and they're all decently priced. If you're really looking for authentic, there's no place in the South like Buford Hwy. You'll find reasonably priced, authentically prepared ethnic food from almost anywhere in the world.