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Jan 2, 2010 07:08 PM

Torrisi Italian Specialties

I have to admit the idea of this place was certainly intriguing to me - classically trained chefs making italian american specialties using only domesticly sourced ingredients - Love the idea!!

Anyway, To start the Chicken Parm Sandwich is the best in Manhattan, bar none. Organic chicken, house made mozz, perfect tang to the sauce, Parisi bakery bread - beautiful, just beautiful. Also sampled the Italian cold cut hero which is right up there ( better than Mikes, Dafonte's, similiar to Fiacco's) and also had the potato and pepperoni salad (I don't remember this stuff from when I was a kid) which was so simple and so so good!

Get there before it's a mad house, I worry how they are going to handle the traffic...

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  1. Agree on all counts, but want to add that the lasagna ia light as a feather and has a noodle that Michael Romano would envy. The prochutto, mozzerela & peppers on the Parisi roll was woofed down.

    1. This interesting venture came to my attention when I received this morning's update to the "Eating in Translation" blog by Chowhound and NY Times writer Dave Cook:

      What enchanted me about the place is that Cook says one of the window displays is a stack of Schaefer beer cans (appropriate for a place that underscores the fact that they source domestically). Oh, the other thing that enchants me about the place is the cred the chefs have.

      Has anyone been here lately? Is it getting crowded? Any more suggestions on what to eat?

      I plan a stop there within the week.

      Torrisi Italian Specialties
      250 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

      1. Seems like they will be serving dinner starting next week. Looks promising. I'd be interested to try it.

        Only 18 seats and no reservations. So if it is good it may be quite tough to get in. We'll see.

        1. I had the chicken parm sandwich about three hours ago. I thought it was fine but not a great sandwich. They barely melt the cheese on the chicken in an oven and remove it before the cheese browns.The bread is not toasted but served at room temperature. These may just be my particular preferences so others may enjoy it more then I did. At $9 for a small hero I was a bit underwhelmed. The lasgna was excellent and a generous serving,the eggplant caponata was also delicious. The place is tiny with cramped seating but I can't wait to try dinner next week.

          1. Today, we shared 2 sandwiches -- the roast turkey and the roast pork (today's special). Both absolutely excellent. The roast turkey sandwich has rich, moist, tender turkey with spicy mayo, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and red onions; simultaneously elegant and textured. Wonderful. The roast pork sandwich was the greasiest, slipperiest mash-up...fatty (in a good way) roast pork with melted provolone, broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers. Outrageously rich and delicious.

            Between Torrisi, Num Pang and Baogeutte (to name a few), I am really enjoying the NYC sandwich craze!